Friday, 7 December 2018

Friday 7th December

This week we have been practising our Christmas performance and continuing to learn our Christmas story – Shh Santa. We started by creating a ‘mood map’ of how Santa was feeling at different times in the story. Please try this at home with stories you read with your child as it helps them understand how characters are feeling and why they act as they do. 

Then we ‘phoned home’. We pretended it was Christmas morning and Santa phone home to tell his parents about his ‘busy, busy, busy’ night.

 The next day we wrote sentences using pictures from the book. As usual, we tried to remember to:
  • ·         Put the sentence in our head
  • ·         Use capital letters, fingers spaces, write on the line, full stop
  • ·         When writing we word we remembered to say the word, finger the word, write the word
  • ·         Hold our pencils correctly and try and form all letters using the letter families

When you have read a book with your child please encourage them to write a sentence or two about it. They can then mark their work, giving a tick for everything they have remembered!

This week in maths we have been been revisiting our learning about place value.  This time with numbers between 11 and 20.
We began by counting forwards and backwards from 11-20.  We talked about the pattern heard.
We chanted 
10 is made up of one ten and 0 ones
11 is made up of one ten and 1 ones
12 is made up of one ten and 2 ones…….

We talked about what happens to the ones in the number and what happens to the ten number in numbers from 11-19, then what happens when we reach 20?
You may like to practise this at home and ask your children questions such as how many ones in 13? How many tens in 19?

We then used the tens frame to represent different numbers from 11 to 20.

What numbers do this tens frames show?

We looked at a selection of numbers and talked about which number was the odd one out?
11, 12, 13,14, 51, 16, 17
We had to prove it and explain how we knew.
This is a good way to find out how secure your child’s understanding of place value is.

We then represented numbers from 11-20 in different ways.  Here are some we found.

Your child may like to choose a number between 11 and 20 and try to represent it in as many ways as possible.  Two ways could be the numeral and the word (spelt correctly).

Help your child at home to secure their recognition and writing of number to 20.

We have continued our leaning in computing by following a sequence of instructions to make a paper dog. We realised it really helps if:
  • ·         The instructions are in the correct order
  • ·         They have a picture to help explain
  • ·         All the instructions are there!

We had lots of fun making our pets and maybe you could give your child a sequence of instructions to follow. This could include laying the table for dinner, putting the washing away, or any other household activity!

Thank you for sending in your child's costume for our Christmas performance. We have been practising hard and hope you will love it! Have a good weekend, only two more weeks to go! 

Year One Team 

Friday, 30 November 2018

Friday 30th November

This week we have been learning a version of the story 'Shh Santa'. First we listened to the story and then we drew a story map. this is when we draw 8-12 simple pictures to remind ourselves of the main events. Please look at the example below and ask you child to use this to tell you the story. 

When we read a story with your child you could ask them to story map it and the use the story map to re-tell the story. 

The next day we 'stepped' the story. We used our story maps and worked in pairs to re-tell the story. When we step we use short phrases as we are trying to learn the sequence of the story. Here is an example of our stepping script. 

Christmas Eve
Santa jolly
Busy, busy, busy
Shh Santa
Don't wake children

As your child you use the story map and show you how we step the story. 
After that we worked in pairs to tell the story. We passed a beanbag to each other to help us remember when it is our turn to listen and speak. When we are telling the story we try and use lots of expression to make our story interesting to listen to. If we cannot remember a part of the story we can pass the beanbag back to our partner - we are good learning partners! We then all sat in a big circle and told the story as a whole class. 

This week in maths we have been continuing our learning about subtraction.  On Monday we used a number line to use counting back as a strategy to take away.

To work out  6 – 1 = 5   we had to remember to put our right finger on the number we were starting with (6) and then use our left index finger to count back 1 to find what is left.  Your child may like to practise this at home. It is really important to remember that first jump and not to count 6 as taking away 1.

On Tuesday we used find the difference as a strategy to take away. We started with this problem. There are 5 red cars and 3 blue cars. What is the difference between the red cars and the blue cars?  Tell your partner how many more red cars than blue cars (the difference).We represented the cars using counters.

On Wednesday we used find the difference as a strategy to take away again.
Show sheets.
We had to look at the whole and the part we had been given to work out the difference. We know that you always start with the biggest number when subtracting.
Can your child find the difference between the numbers represented?
Can your child tell you the takeaway calculations represented below?

This week in D&T we made salt dough and then made a decoration for our Christmas tree. We used our plan to check the shape, pattern and any textures we wanted to include.

We have been learning about algorithms and how they are a sequence of instructions we give a computer in order to make something happen. We used iPads and Lego to make photo instructions to our partner, and we  had to follow the instructions carefully in order to make the same model! 


Today we have been thinking about Advent and what it means for each of us. We have use printing and collage skills to help get our classrooms ready for Christmas!

We also talked about the advent calendars we might have at home, the virtual joke calendar we will have at school and the 'reverse' calendar we are hoping to do. If you would like to contribute please send in your contributions at any point up to Thursday 20th. Thank you. 

Please could send your child's Christmas play costume in on Monday, if you have not already done so. 
We hope you have a good weekend and we might see you at the Christmas Fair! 
Year One Team