Thursday, 28 November 2013

Week ending Thursday 28th November

This week the children have carried on their outdoor project.  At the start of the week both classes discussed the ideas they had and then the children wrote a list of all the resources we needed and all the jobs we will have to do.  When writing the lists the children had to start a new line for each item.  They thought about how we could make the area more colourful and brighter.  The children came up with the idea of making up some rules for the area and making posters to remind everybody of the rules. 
Later on in the week the children made some decorations of animals to hang from the canopy to make the area more exciting.  So hopefully the outdoor area will start to look more colourful!!


In Maths this week the children have been learning all about measurements.  They learnt how to measure the length of something.  The children used a standard unit of hand spans and they also learnt how to use a ruler to measure items using centimetres.  Maybe your child could help you to measure something at home?  They also learnt how to measure the weight of an object using scales.  The children used a standard unit (A milk carton) and found objects that were heavier and lighter.
Maybe your child could help find objects that are heavier and lighter than another object. 
The children also learnt about capacity.  We investigated using 6 different plastic pots to find out which container held the most water.  You could have a go at this at bath time.


Also this week, both classes had some woodland learning time.  They were printing leaves into clay.  The children had fun finding a ‘good’ leaf (ones with lots of veins) and pressed them into their balls of clay. 

Next week is our Christmas Around the World week.  The children are going to be finding out how different countries around the world celebrate on Christmas day.  In year 1 the children are going to be finding out about Christmas times in China, Poland and Australia as well as talking about what they do on Christmas.  I wonder what Christmas traditions you have in your house?

Book nomination:  Super Worm by Julia Donaldson because it is funny, especially when the baddie gets thrown in the rubbish dump!

Don’t forget there is an occasional day tomorrow!
Have a good weekend.