Friday, 20 December 2013

Week ending Friday 20th December

How quickly has this term gone?
The children have done such as great job this week with the Christmas play.  We are sooo proud of them.  We’re sure you are too.  Thank you to those who came to watch and for supplying the children with their costumes and helping them to learn their lines.
On Thursday we had the Christmas party.  the children had great fun dancing and playing party gams.  Thank you for bring in food for the party and to the parents that helped. 
After the Christmas break we are changing our topic.  The children will be learning all about people who help us and how to keep ourselves fit and healthy.  We have already arranged for the police, firemen and the school nurse to come into school to tell the children all about their jobs.
We are also going to be learning about the changes that happen to us as we grow.  Could every child bring in a picture of themselves when they were a baby, to help us with this topic.  (We will be putting them up on display after)
Thank you very much for all the gifts and cards, it was very generous of all of you.
We hope you have a lovely Christmas