Friday, 6 December 2013

Weekending Friday 6th December

Christmas has begun!  This week the children have started their Christmas learning.
We have started by learning about Christmas celebrations and traditions around the world.  On Monday the children learnt about Christmas in China.  The children then made Christmas paper lanterns.  In China the lanterns are added to the Christmas trees.  Maybe your child could tell you about some other Chinese Christmas traditions. 
On Tuesday the children learnt how Christmas is celebrated in Australia.  The children found out that Christmas dinner in Australia is usually a BBQ in the garden or on the beach!  Another Christmas tradition in Australia is to sing carols by candlelight around a Christmas tree.  The children went into the hall and had a go at singing carols around our Christmas tree.

On Wednesday the children learnt about Christmas in Poland.  In Poland the children bake cookies as decorations to add their Christmas trees.  The children had a go at baking some Christmas cookies of their own.  They had to measure the correct amounts of the ingredients (using non-standard units) mix them altogether and then roll out and cut them.  There are plenty of recipes out there to use cups with.  Why not get your children involved with some baking at home? Maybe they could help you read the measurements.  They are having to read numbers and understanding measurements in a real context and for a real purpose! We also talked about the importance of washing our hands and not licking our fingers etc!
On Thursday the children wrote about all of their family Christmas traditions.  the children thought really carefully about what they do at Christmas.  Some children said they have advent calenders, some said they give and receive presents and cards and some children said they eat a roast dinner.  The children practised writing in sentences, using full stops, capital letters,finger spaces and connectives. 

Here are some photographs from all the cooking session which the children all really enjoyed!




Next week:
In Maths the children are going to be learning about money.  They will use all the different coins we use and will have a go at making different amounts using the different coins.
It would be really helpful if your child could help you when you are out and about using money. 

In literacy the children are going to have a go at learning a winter story.  They are then going to change some of the elements of the story and have a go at writing it themselves. 
Book recommendation: Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson                                                             This book has been recommended because it is a rhyming story.