Friday, 24 January 2014

This week we have been thinking about people who help us.  On Monday, we had 2 nurses come to see us.  They brought in some of the equipment that they use.  The children had a go at using the equipment used to test children’s hearing and eyesight.  They also were able to use bandages and slings.

Here are some photographs:



The Fire service brought in the fire engine.
Here are some photographs:

We were visited by the Police.We found out about how they keep us safe.
Here are some photographs:

I wonder if your child can tell you about any of the facts that they found out?Maybe at home they could find out about other people who help us and write some sentences to share in school.

As we have been visited by some many different people the children have had a go at some non-fiction writing.The children were asked to write facts they had learnt during the week.We concentrated on using the connectives ‘and’ and ‘because’.The children had to remember we use connectives to join 2 simple sentences and not just 2 words.

e.g The nurses help a lot of people and they use special equipment.
Also this week the children have tried to apply all of their subtraction and addition knowledge to solving a range of problems. The children had to follow the success criteria.

1.       Read the problem.

2.       Circle the important information

3.       Decide if it is an addition or subtraction problem

4.        Draw the problem

5.       Write the calculation

6.       Write the answer


Here are some examples below

Jo had 4 sweets.  She got another 3 sweets.  How many sweets did she have altogether? 

Sam had 10 cars.  He gave 4 to his friend.  How many cars did he have left?


You can change the numbers to make the problems easier/harder.


Here are some more completed problems we had to try and solve.

There are 60 sweets in a bag.  20 sweets are red.  16 sweets are yellow.  The rest are green.  How many green sweets are there? 

There are 29 children.  5 children are painting.  How many children are not painting? 

20 children are on a bus.  8 children get off the bus.  Then 4 more get off the bus.  Circle the number of children left on the bus.

Again you can swap the numbers to make them easier or harder.


Next week we have a whole school themed week all around Chinese New Year!