Friday, 14 February 2014

Week Ending Friday 14th February

Can you believe we are half way through the year already?!

In Literacy this week the children have had a go at writing a story.  They learnt a simple story based on ‘The Lighthouse Keepers lunch’.  They then thought about the different parts of the story that could be changed.  After changing the character, where they lived, what food was for lunch and how the food travelled to their character the children added their wow words in and had a go at writing. 

Also this week in Literacy the children have been re-visiting their learning on instructions.  First of all they all went outside and made a ‘soup’ out of disgusting ingredients.  The children added sticks, leaves, mud and anything else they could find!  Once the soup was made the children came back in to write their instructions on how they produced it.  They had to remember the features of instructions; they need to be in order, each new instruction starts on a new line, each instruction starts with a time connective (First, next, then, eventually) and that instructions contain ‘bossy’ words. (put, mix, add). Maybe your child could write their own instructions for something they do at home (A morning routine, bedtime routine) or you could follow some instructions. (Baking/cooking)

Here are some photographs of the children making their soup.




In Maths the children took part in an investigation.  The children were given a set of 3 different sandwiches.  They then had to order them in as many different ways as possible. E.g.
red, yellow, green
green, yellow, red,
yellow, green, red

We encouraged the children to think of a logical way to ensure they had every possibility.               The children then had a challenge with the addition of another sandwich.
Also this week the children thought about all their learning on Florence Nightingale.   We revised how she has had an impact on our lives today and how she changed the perception of nurses during the Crimean War.

Next half term our topic is going to be on Space.  The children are going to learn all about the ‘Great Space Race’ and the moon landing in 1969.  There is a letter in the book bags today to ask you and your child to find 5 different facts about space.  It would be great for the children to bring in some books about space too.  Please remember to name everything that the children bring into school as some children may the same books. 
Have a lovely half term break.