Friday, 7 February 2014

Weekending 7th February

This week the children took part in a Florence Nightingale workshop.  They looked at a range of artefacts and found out new information from them.  The children also had a go at acting out her life story.  During the workshop the children also learnt about how important Florence Nightingale was and the impact she has had on nursing today. 
Thank you to the parents that helped during the workshop.
Here are some photographs:


The children have covered a lot in a maths this week.  We started off by learning how to read a clock when it shows an o’clock or half past time.  We learnt that when the clock is showing half past the hour hand is slightly after the number.  The children also learnt about how to read quarter past and quarter to times as well as learning that the time between each number is equal to 5 minutes.  Maybe you could practise reading different times at home.  Here is a link to an online clock.

We have also been learning about different measurements and how to use standard measurements.  The children used scales and weights (grams) to weigh different objects.  They had to use the correct vocabulary of heavier and lighter and have a go at estimating the weight of different objects. 
They also used rulers (cm) to measure the length of different objects.  The children went outside to find things to measure such as sticks and leaves.
They then used water (litres) to find out how much water different containers held.  The children used the measurements on the sides of the containers to help them.  Maybe you could have a go at some of these activities at home.

 In Literacy, the children have been using the story of ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ to help them with their learning. Here is a link to the story if you do not have one at home:
We thought about the beginning, middle and ends of stories.  We learnt that the beginning introduces the setting and characters, the middle has a problem and the problem is usually solved at the end.  You could look through some story books too try to identify the beginning, middle and ends of some stories at home.  The children then thought about the characters and how they could describe them.  They thought about the appearance, behaviour and traits of the characters.  We also re-capped on the wow words that the children use in their writing.  Using the story the children thought about the mustard sandwiches and made up their own yucky foods.  E.g. thick oozing mud pancakes, slimy slug salad.  You and your child could try to make some more up at home.

 In DT this week the children thought about food hygiene.   We discussed all the things we need to do to ensure our food is kept clean when cooking.  E.g. was our hands, do not put our fingers in our mouths, tying up long hair etc....  Then children then had a go at making their own bread.

Here are some pictures:

Have a lovely weekend