Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday 14th March

This week in Literacy the children have been really busy making up their own space worlds.  The children went outside for a drama lesson and pretended they had landed on another planet.  They were encouraged to describe the features of their planet using 3 point wow words (adjectives).  The children then illustrated their own planets and had a go at writing descriptions using the best wow words possible. 

Maybe your child could make a list of some 3 point wow words. 

We have started a list here:


We would love to have more 3 point wow words (really good adjectives!) to use and ‘magpie’ in school so feel free to bring in any good suggestions you have!

We also played a game where we had to describe an alien using adjectives and then we had to design our own aliens.  We had to think carefully about the features our alien had so that we could write sentences to describe them focusing on our punctuation. 

This week in Maths the children have been learning about sharing.  First we shared objects into different groups.  The children had to be really careful and place one object into each pile one at a time.  We thought about sharing things into 2, 4 and 3.


Share 24 between 2
Share 21 between 3


Then the children used this knowledge to help them to solve problems.  They had word problems such as:

Can you share 14 monkeys equally between two cages?
Can you share 40 giraffes equally between the 4 fields?

Some of the children were given a number and they had to investigate all the different ways you can share that number equally using objects.  For example if you had 12 objects you can share it between 3 people, 4 people etc.


The children then related this knowledge to finding halves, quarters and thirds of number.


Can you share 36 parrots equally between 4 cages?  What would ¾ be?
Can you share 22 giraffes equally between the 2 fields? What would ½ of 22 be?


The children were also finding doubles of numbers.   It would be great if you could practise number doubles at home.  It would help if the children could all recall their number doubles quickly.  If your child can maybe you can play a game we did this week.  ‘What’s my number?’.  You give your child clues and they have to work out the answer.  This week we have been using the doubles as a focus so questions like…… My number is double 5 + 3.  What is my number?  Or if I double my number and add 1 I get 13.  What is my number?  A great game to play in the car!


Also this week the children have been learning about light.  They identified lots of different light sources and found out that the sun is our main light source.


Next week we are going to be thinking about other fantasy settings in Literacy and in Maths we will be revising our knowledge of money.  In ICT we are making our own news reports and filming ourselves using the ipads.