Friday, 21 March 2014

week ending Friday 21st March

Didn't the children do a wonderful job in the assembly this week!
  Thank you so much to everybody that could make it. 
The space rap was taken from a song on you tube.  Here is a link to it if you would like to watch it.  The raps are lots of fun and filled with facts.
There is a great app that can be downloaded from the apple 'App store'.  It is called SkyView Free.  This is a free app that shows you the star constellations and where the planets are in space.
Sky Map / google sky map can also be downloaded for Android tablets and phones.  One child has already asked his parents to download it and has enjoyed finding planets in the sky!
Today the children ran their mile for sport relief.  A big thank you for all the money that you have donated.  The children ran around a track on the field to complete their mile.  They had to run 12 laps but some children managed to run even further!
 In Maths this week the children have been learning about money.  They have looked at the different coins and independently explored the money to help further their own learning.  Some children practised their adding and subtracting, some children practised their counting skills using 1ps, 2ps, 5ps and 10ps and some children practised the skill of giving change.
Later on in the week we learnt how to give the change.  The children had to use their counting on skills to help them find the amount.
e.g Having 50p and buying an item worth 43p.
50p - 43p =
The children started at 43 and counted on to 50 and that helped them to work out the answer.  They then had to find the correct coins to give the change.   We are subtracting by finding the difference.
In Literacy the children carried on their learning about fantasy worlds.  They went to the library to find story books that had fantasy settings or characters in.  The children found space stories, pirate stories and stories with mermaids, fairies and witches.
The children then used these different characters and settings to help them with their wow words.  We talked to the children about 'upscaling' their words.  Instead of saying 'big' ship, we could upscale the big to 'colossal'. 
Also this week the children have been filming their own space reports.  They were pretending they had discovered a new planet!  In threes the children decided who was going to be the camera man, director and the news reporter.  Once they had decided they then had to plan how they were going to report about their planet.  The children thought of 3 different features of the planet and 3 different features of the aliens that live there.  Once everything had been planned and practised the children then filmed their reports.  They learnt how to film using the iPads; holding them still and filming the persons whole upper body. 
Here are some photographs of the children filming:
 Next week in Maths the children are going to be learning about measuring.  They are going to be learning about estimating and  measuring the height, weight and capacity of different objects.  We are going to be introducing standard measures and how to measure accurately.
If you have any spare plastic containers that you were going to recycle, please could we have them for our learning next week?  e.g yogurt pots, plastic bottles, ice-cream tubs.... 
In Literacy the children will be continuing their fantasy story learning.  The children are going to become storytellers and they will help us improve one of our own stories. 
Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to see you all at consultations.