Friday, 28 March 2014

Week ending Friday 28th March 2014

Thank you to all the parents for coming to speak to us in the consultations this week.
In Maths this week the children have been learning about measurement.  They have had a go at estimating the weight the length of different objects.  The children estimating and then measuring accurately. 
When measuring the length of different objects they used rulers and metre sticks and measuring weight the children used scales and 10g weights.  Some children used weighing scales and were able to read the scales. 
We also thought about the capacity of different containers.  The children used yogurt pots and egg cups to estimate how many times they would need to fill them and pour them into another container.  The children were also shown what a litre of water looked like and were shown a series of containers that were all different shapes and sizes but all held a litre of liquid.  Some children were able to read the scales on the side of measuring jugs to find out how much water the jugs could hold.
Maybe at home you could investigate measurement some more.  You could try to the measure the length of different objects using a ruler or the weight/capacity of different ingredients need in a cake.
In literacy this week the children have continued their learning on fantasy settings and characters.
We looked at this story and then thought about the setting and the characters.
The children then drew their own character and we put them together into a grid.  The children then did the same with a setting.  Using these the children had a structure to think up their own stories with characters, settings and problems.  The children had to tell their friends stories using the boards and were not asked to write them down.      
At the end of the week the children thought about ways to improve sentences.  They were given a basic sentence such as;
Once upon a time there was a giant called Gary.
The children discussed how to improve this sentence and thought about the 'wow' words they could use.
e.g Once upon a time there was a kind enormous giant called Gary.
Maybe you could have a go at improving these sentences.
1.  They lived in a castle.
2.  There was a house by a stream.
3.  She lost her bag.
Also this week the children have been making their own moving pictures.  The children thought about the different ways in which you could make a picture move.  They looked at a range of pop-up books.  The children learnt about the different mechanisms that were in the book.
(flaps, sliders, pivots)
They then planned their own picture and thought about the resources they needed.  They then had a go at making them and finally they thought about how they could improve them.
Next week in maths we are going to be thinking about all the learning that has happened over the past half term.
In Literacy the children are going to plan and write their own stories based on a simple space story that we have made up.
Also next week is the Space Dome.  Like us, the children are very excited!!
Have a lovely weekend.