Friday, 4 April 2014

Week ending Friday 4th April

Can you believe it is the end of another term!

This week the children have enjoyed the Space Dome. All of the children went inside and learnt about stars and planets. They watched video footage of people walking on the moon and they noticed how astronauts move.  They saw different star constellations and learnt about the size and make up of the planets. We were told that if you look up at the night sky over the next few days the brightest light in the sky will be Jupiter.

 In literacy the children have been writing stories. They learnt the beginning of our story and had to plan a middle and an ending to it. The children then had a go at following their plan to write their own story. They had to think about full stops, capital letters, connectives and wow words.
We were really impressed with their stories!

In science the children explored different light sources.
They used light boxes to experiment to find out which objects were light sources and which were not.
Here is a link if your child would like to have a go at home:

Next half term is a very short term but we will manage to fit all our learning in. 
Our topic will be on Castles. 
The children will look at Fairy Tales and find out about the settings, characters and features of these types of stories.  They will also learn about alternative fairy tales such as Shrek.
In History we will be comparing our homes to Castles to find out about the past and we have a trip to Mountfitchet Castle in April.
(The letter will be coming out after Easter)
The children will also have a go at making their own 3D characters out of toilet rolls and paper.  They will explore the different things you can do with paper (such as folding, ripping, cutting and curling) and will also explore a range of joining techniques. (sellotape, glue, paper clips, staples, split pins) 
We hope you have a lovely Easter break.