Friday, 16 May 2014

Friday 16th May

We had a fabulous trip to Mountfitchet Castle on Wednesday. It made a real difference having the sun shine on us. The children enjoyed exploring the grounds and learning about castles.  They found out how people lived in the past and compared this to their own lives. 


We started the week by researching castles so that we had an idea of what we were going to look at. After our trip the children wrote a recount of what they did and saw. They had to ensure that their recount reflected the day’s activities in the order that they did them. We did this by using sentence openers such as:  first, next, then, after, finally, eventually. The children did this extremely well.

Please encourage your child to use these words when recounting what they have done on a play date or over the weekend.

We then went on to discuss the similarities and differences between castles from the past and houses today.

In maths this week the children have been problem solving using different numbers with addition and subtraction.  The children could use a range of strategies to work them out.  They used objects, jottings, number squares, mental methods and blank number lines.  The children have to:
1. Read the problem.
2. Circle the important information.
3. Write the calculation. (Once they have worked out whether it is an addition or subtraction)
4. Work out the answer.  (Using any of their preferred methods)
You can adjust the numbers to challenge/ support your child.
Why not have a go at these:

Tom has 12 pens. He gets another 3.
How many pens does he have altogether?

Tom has 34 pens. He gets another 7.
How many pens does he have altogether?

Tom has 12 pens. He gets another 16.
How many pens does he have altogether?

Sarah has 14 apples.  She eats 3. 
How many does she have left?

There are 60 sweets in a bag.  Each sweet is covered in a different colour wrapper.  20 are red. 12 are blue. The rest are green
How many are green? 

Thursday was an exciting day as some of the children from Woodpeckers and Kingfishers got to take part in a schools sport competition. Some other Year 1 classes from the area came to compete against us. The children who took part were selected by heats that took place earlier in the week.

The events were:  javelin, cup stacking, running and aiming a bean back into a hoop.

We won 4/8 of the races/competitions, so we are pretty chuffed!


We have ended the week today with a ‘Water Day’. We started the day with an assembly by someone from Water Aid. Then the children got to choose two out of four activities to participate in this morning.  The choices were: watercolours, water music, floating and sinking, and posters about conserving water.

This afternoon we had great fun at the whole school water sports day.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

The Year 1 Team.