Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday 9th May

This week in maths the children have been re-visiting their learning on place value.

The children had to think about the value of each number in 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers.


In 23 there are 2 tens and 3 units

In 347 there are 3 hundreds, 4 tens and 7 units.

Once the children had mastered this we then introduced ‘0’ as a place holder.


In 30 there are 3 tens and 0 units

In 406 there are 4 hundreds, 0 tens and 6 units.

The children were given a number card and had to find the corresponding hundreds, tens and units dienes picture around the out door area.



Later on in the week the children learnt about handling and interpreting data.  First they learnt about Carroll diagrams.

The children had to gather and sort information into the correct boxes.  They asked their classmates questions  (collecting their own data) and then  plotted the data in the diagrams.  The children could use criteria that we had thought of, or they could think of their own.

Maybe your child could use some of these examples to make their own Carroll diagram.


Pets/no pets

Blue eyes/not blue eyes

Brown hair/not brown hair

4 legs / not 4 legs (animals)

Fur / not fur (animals)

Sunny weather/not sunny weather (favourite weather)

The children also had to interpret data.  We asked the children questions based on diagrams that had already been completed.


This week in literacy the children thought of new fairy tales based on real ones.


Goldilocks and the three fairies

The Gingerbread man and the three princesses

Cinderella and the three little trolls

Rapunzel and the three little pigs


The children then had a go at planning their own stories and were then asked to write them.  We asked the children to use all of their CPOW skills. (Connectives, Punctuation, Openers and Wow words).  We recapped on all of our learning of CPOW over the year so far and discussed all the ways to make our writing even better.

All of the children worked really hard on their stories and we were really impressed with them.


Also this week the children have been using the computers to practise their typing skills.  The children have learnt where the letters and numbers are on the keyboard.  They have also learnt how to use the space bar, caps lock and enter keys.  Maybe you could practise typing on a keyboard at home.

Don’t forget that on Wednesday we are going to Mountfitchet Castle. The children will need a packed lunch in a carrier bag that we can throw away after they have finished eating.

After we have visited Mountfitchet Castle,  we are going to be looking at the differences between our houses and homes from the past. 

In maths, we are going to be completing a range of puzzles around our knowledge of number facts and in literacy we will be writing recounts of the Mountfitchet  Castle trip. 

Next week some children will be competing in a mini Year 1 competition against  Year 1 children from other schools. Please can you ensure that your child has a full PE kit and plimsoles/trainers in school. PE lessons are outside this term and quite a few children have said that their plimsoles are too tight.

Have a lovely weekend