Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday 13th June

We have had a fabulous Science Week. We have been asking and answering questions, observing and following lines of enquiry. The children have visited each classroom where they have completed a different science activity. These have included:  bug hunting; weather; textures and senses and keeping healthy.

With Miss Cane we went on a bug hunt and learnt about habitats.

In Woodpeckers classroom we made wind socks and played with the windy day box..




In Reception we investigated how to stay fit and healthy through excersise and healthy eating.

 In Eagles we went on a sound walk. We could hear sounds from nature and man-made sounds.
In Owls we found textures in the environment such as the bark on trees.

We had a wonderful day at Aldenham Country Park yesterday. We spent time looking around the farm. It was interesting being able to look into a bee hive (which had a glass screen inside). We saw a really tiny piglet and some gorgeous bunnies amongst other animals and birds.


We then went on a nature trail around the lake.

Den making was such fun. We were split into three groups and all competed to make fantastic dens. We started with really big branches and had to work well as a team to carry them and position them. We then used smaller and smaller branches to fill all the gaps. We then started waterproof and camouflage our dens using leaves that had fallen on the ground and moss. We even put some logs inside our dens as we felt they needed some furniture!


We did of course also enjoy our lunch and a play on outdoor apparatus!


Next week we have Year 1’s Phonics Test, this is a statutory phonics screening test for all Year 1 children across the country.  This test is designed to assess the children’s phonics knowledge and monitor how well they are applying this knowledge to their reading skills. We will be administering the Phonics Test on a one to one basis in the week beginning 16th June.  As we have already mentioned this is just another tool to help monitor your child’s progress and you will be informed of the results later on this term.