Friday, 20 June 2014

Friday 20th June


In Literacy the children have been thinking about poems. Together we read a range of poems about plants and gardens and looked at pictures of plants and flowers to inspire us. The children then thought of a line that could be used in a whole class poem. They tried hard to include ‘wow words’ to make it more interesting. The children then went on to write group and individual acrostic poems with the word PLANTS or FLOWERS down one side of the paper. The children came up with some lovely ideas. You could ask your child to explain to you what an acrostic poem is. Perhaps they could make one up on a different topic which they could bring in to share with the class. We encouraged them to use 1 point, 2 point and 3 point wow words for effect.
This is an acrostic poem written by Woodpeckers:

Flowers smell perfumed and pungent,
Light and water will help the flowers grow,
Orange minuscule flowers smell of mint,
Worms make the soil nice and fresh,
Everyday I go in my garden and I see new plants growing,
Red Roses have soft velvety petals

During maths the children have been practising their addition. The children were shown how to use Dienes (hundreds, tens and units) and a hundred square to solve addition calculations. They could then choose the method that suited them. Some children worked on adding a tens number to a 2 digit number such as 34+30=. Others worked on adding  two 2-digit numbers such as 34+12=. The children were encouraged to move their learning on. The next step was to add two 2-digit numbers where the calculation crossed the tens boundaries such as 29+35=. Once the children had grasped this they were encouraged to add two 3-digit numbers. They all worked hard and challenged themselves.


 Some children were introduced to  another method to solve addition calculations. This was using a blank number line and counting on in tens and then ones. If your child was shown this method perhaps they could have a go at demonstrating it to you. They need to write the largest number at the start. Then look at the second number. If the calculation was 45+32= They would start at 45 then jump 3 tens (up to 75) then 2 ones to reach 77.

In RE this week the children have been learning about the Torah.  They then made their own Scrolls.


The children have started practising for sports day and are really looking forward to all the fun activities they will do on the day. Don’t forget Sports day is next week on Thursday (26th June) from 9.15-11.30. Please make sure that your child has their PE kit and they may wish to bring in their trainers. Some of their plimsoles are slightly large and fall off when they are running!!  Please check they fit your child properly as some children become upset when they fall off during a race.   The reserve date is Friday 4th July.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 1 Team.