Saturday, 19 July 2014

Friday 18th July

This week in Literacy the children have been recapping their story writing skills. We discussed the main ingredients required to write a good story. The children know that they need characters, a setting, a problem and a resolution.  The children worked in groups and played a game. They had to finds cards in the play ground giving them the main elements to base their story on. They then discussed their story as a group adding more detail to these elements turning the information they had into a story. The children then planned their individual stories. They decided which elements they wanted to change.   After the children had planned their stories they  were then able to write them independently. 

In Maths this week, the children have been learning about position and direction.  They have learnt the vocabulary used when describing position and direction such as; whole, half, quarter, clockwise and anticlockwise.  We also introduced right angles!  To practise the vocabulary the children took it in turns to direct a partner around a grid outside on the playground.  They then had a go at drawing their own treasure maps and writing the directions on how to find the treasure.

On Tuesday morning we went for a walk around our local area.  Thank you again to the parents that helped us.  The children had 2 different types of maps and were able to use them while we were walking.  We stopped at various points on the walk and the children were asked to find where we were on the maps.

Back in the classroom the children looked a range of other maps to see which features they could find.  They were able to find schools, train stations, fields, roads, rivers etc….

We discussed how some features are physical (naturally there) and how some are human (man-made).

We can't quite believe that our Year is almost over. It has really flown by and we have thoroughly enjoyed teaching your children.

The Year 1 team.