Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday 4th July

The children started the week with a fabulous skipping workshop. We all had great fun!



The children were all given a skipping rope to take home to keep practising and to encourage us with our healthy lifestyles.  The children can bring them into school but please ensure they are named as all the skipping ropes look the same.

In maths the children have been consolidating their learning of time. We discussed why we need clocks and why telling the time is important. Most children in Year 1 can tell the time to o’clock and half past. Many children are able to tell the time to quarter past and quarter to. Please encourage your child to tell the time at home.  The children are beginning to understand that there are 60 mins in an hour and that half an hour is 30 mins. Some children are able to count around the clock in 5min intervals.

Today the children have been solving time word problems. Encourage your child to solve these problems:

Bill went out shopping at 2 pm. He returned home at 4 o’clock. How long was he out?

Mr.Evans wanted to chop down a tree in his garden. He started at ten past 10 and didn’t finish until ten to 11. How long did it take him?

Auntie Flo sat and did her knitting every evening for 3 hours and then went to bed. If she started knitting at quarter past 8, what time did she go to bed?

In literacy this week we have been focusing on our handwriting. We started each session with some finger strong and fizzy gym. We then focused on forming a group of letters each day. Some children have started to join two letters together.

We finished our clay leaves this week by painting them.  The children had to colour mix the paint and then they added a varnish mixture to it.  This helps to make the clay stronger with a smooth shiny finish.  Don’t they look fabulous!