Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday 7th November

In English this week we have been listening to lots of poems about fireworks. We read two poems by Tony Mitton about fireworks and then thought about which words we liked that he used to describe the fireworks.  Here is one of them.
Wait for the evening,
cool and dark.
wait for the fizzle,
wait for the spark.

Whizz, crackle, bang!
Just watch us go,
golden rain
and sparkling snow.

Whizz, crackly, bang!
in the big, blue night,
making colours
for your delight.

Whizz, crackle, bang!
as we rush up high,
exploding colours
across the sky.

On Tuesday after reading the poem below called Bonfire Night, we were given pictures of fireworks and had to write a sentence to describe the picture.

Whoosh go the rockets, green and gold and red,
Bang, bang, bang, bang, exploding overhead.
Fizz go the fireworks, showering the ground,
Whizz go the Catherine wheels, whirling round and round.
The roar of the fire, the crackle of the flames,
See the silver sparklers hissing out our names.
Listen to the air bombs whee into the sky.
The sights and sounds of Bonfire Night.

On Thursday we read Tony Mitton’s Firework poem and recited it as a class and then in pairs adding our own actions.

Here is a sparkler.
Hold it with care.
Scribble with gold
in the cold night air.

Here are the flames
that flicker and burn.
See how they dance
as they twist and turn.
And here is a rocket
that races up high.
See how it burst
in the brilliant sky.


You may be interested to know that Tony Mitton is sharing  his poems on Sunday 9th November at 2pm St Albans Central Library. (Tickets £2. All children must be accompanied by a fee paying adult. Suitable for all ages) Let us know if you do go along.

We will be writing our own firework poems next week so don’t forget to come to Crabtree’s firework display this weekend!

This week in maths we have been measuring! First we learnt about time and we have been practising the days of the week and the months of the year. Why don’t you ask your child to sing the songs we sing at school?  We have also been learning about time. We have been reading the times on clocks and drawing the time on blank clock faces. We had to be really careful where to put the hour hand when it was half past! Some of us also learnt to draw hands on clocks for quarter to and quarter past. These are good website to practise telling the time:

We have also been measuring length, using non-standard measures and standard measures (cm). We looked for objects that we longer or shorter than our hands and 30cm rulers. Some of us then used rulers to measure accurately using cm.

Today we have been comparing the weights of different objects. We looked for objects that were greater or smaller than a non-standard weight and 100g. We tried to find objects that were exactly 100g and we found out that the bigger objects were not always the heaviest!


In topic we are continuing our topic about London and have been looking at London on a map of the UK. We then look at the other countries of the UK and have located their capital cities and looked at some of their features.

We have been thinking about Remembrance Sunday and making poppies.


Have a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy the fireworks!
The Year Two Team