Friday, 5 December 2014

Friday 5th December

This week in English we have been using the story Shhh Santa by Julie Sykes. We listened to the story and joined in with the predictable phrases. Ask your child what phrases the author uses to keep us hooked in.

The next day we wrote speech bubbles for the different characters in the story. After writing our speech bubbles we checked we had used capital letters, finger spaces and full stops or exclamation marks.

On Thursday we used pictures from the story to write sentences about who the characters were, where the setting was and what event happened.
You may like to read other Santa stories by Julie Sykes and talk to your child about what happened in the beginning, middle and at the end of the story.

This week in maths we used our learning about subtraction to solve problems. First we read the question and drew a picture to represent the calculation. Then we wrote the number sentence and finally we recorded the answer. Some of us used Numicon to calculate the answer and we found out that when we are using bigger numbers it is more accurate to use a 100 square or a blank number line!

We have also been learning about fractions this week. First we divided a piece of paper into 2, making sure the 2 parts were equal. Then we folded it into quarters. We know that each of the parts have to be exactly the same size as they are equal parts of the whole shape. We then found half of a range of shapes, and we looked at some shapes to see if half had been shaded accurately. On Thursday we used our ‘1/2’ paper to help us find half of numbers. We counted out the correct number of cubes and then shared them equally between the two sides of the paper, checking that each side had an equal share of the whole quantity. 

In phonics we have been learning different ways to spell the ‘ie’ sound. We have learnt:
ie – as in pie, tie and lie
igh – as is might, fright and high
y – as in sky, fly and try
i-e – as in like, white, inside (we call this a split digraph or magic e)
Mrs Bootle’s phonics group has been learning to sight read the following words: up, but, mum and no. 

In history this week we had a collection of old and new toys.  We had time to explore and play with them before we had to describe and record the differences between them.  Ask your child how they could tell the toy was old or new.  What where toys made of in the past? How are toys powered today?

 Christmas play rehearsals are well under way! Please remember to send in your child’s costume on Monday in a named carrier bag and keep practising the lines if your child has a speaking part! Thank you!

Have a great weekend.
The Year 2 Teachers