Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday 23.1.15

In English this week we have been learning about instructions.
On Monday we listened and followed oral instructions.  We began by following a simple instruction and later played a game were we had to follow a series of instructions.  
On Tuesday, in pairs we read and followed written instructions that were around our classroom.  We had to follow them exactly.  After reading the instructions we looked at them again and talked about which word was the doing word in the instruction.  Eg Clap your hands five times.  Can you child tell you the doing word?
We have learnt sometimes instructions have to be followed in an order and sometimes not.
Later in the week we played a game followingthe instructions and finally on Friday gave our own oral instructions.

In phonics this week we have been learning how the digraph ‘ear’ has two different pronunciations  as in tear ( A tear dropped down my cheek) and tear ( I will tear the paper).
We have also been learning about the digraph ‘air’ in hair and the ‘eer’ as in deer.
Ask your child how many digraphs are in these words:
hear      chair        steer

Over the next few weeks at home, you may like to identify and talk to your children about the beginning, middle and end in stories.  You can do this either after your child has read a reading scheme book to you or when you read a book to them. 
Talk about how
·         the beginning introduces the characters and sets the scene
·         the middle often has a problem
·         the end – the problem is solved and the story has a happy ending

This week in maths we have been revisiting our learning about addition and subtraction. First we played some games in the ICT suite. Here are links if you would like to practise them at home:
The next day we discussed the different strategies we can us when adding – knowing our number facts, using Numicon, putting one number in our head  and one number on our fingers and counting on, the number line or the 100 square. We used a variety of different strategies depending on the numbers. Some of us practised adding on multiples of 10 using the 100 square. We know that the square is organised in rows of 10, so to add on 10 we just need to jump down one row. If you would like to practise this at home he is a link to a 100 square and a game:
We have also been practising subtraction this week. First we made a list of all the words that mean subtraction, why don’t you ask if child how many then can remember! We discussed the different strategies that we could use and that when we take away the answer gets smaller. We played a game with a partner to see how many number sentences we could get correct in a minute. Then we had another and tried to beat our score! We have also been recording the answers to number sentences and challenging ourselves to move on to the ‘next pot’.

We have had a very exciting ICT lesson this week when we became TV chefs! We had written our algorithm for how make prepare our sandwich and we had thought about how to be a good TV chef. We also had to think about being a good TV cameraman! We had great fun making and filming ourselves and we enjoyed watching the films! We hope you enjoyed eating the sandwiches at home! Thank you for sending in the ingredients.

This week we learnt about Florence Nightingale in our topic lesson.  We watched a video about her life and found out about why she was famous.

On Friday we put the events of her life in chronological order.  She was born in 1820.  Nearly 200 years ago. The children know she was born after the Great Fire of London of 1666 but before the First World War in 1914. 

Next week we start our new topic of animals! If you have any books at home that would be happy for us to share please name them and send them. We will be learning about all sorts of animals – birds, farm animals, animals around the world so all books are welcome! We are pleased to say we will be having a visit from a farm on Monday 9th February! All classes will be having a session with the farm and if you are able to help please see the bulletin for further details and let the office know. 

Have a great weekend.
The Year One Teachers

PS sorry there are no photos again this week as we are still experiencing difficulties.