Friday, 27 February 2015

Friday 27th February

In English this week we have been listening to poems from ‘Farmyard Hullabaloo’ by Giles Andreae.

We were poetry detectives and we looked for words that rhymed, words that started with the same letter and interesting words we liked that the poet used.

The next day we got into our colour groups and began to learn a poem by heart.  After practising for a while we recited and performed our poems to each other, making sure we recited the poems clearly enough for the audience to hear.  We will be reciting these poems at the Year One  assembly on the 12th March.

This week in maths we have been learning about measuring. First we compared the length, weight and capacity of things. We thought about whether objects were longer or shorter, heavier or lighter or full, half full, quarter full or empty. We learnt that we can use non-standard or standard measurements and if we use standard measurements everyone should have the same answer! We learnt that we measure the length or height using centimetres, metres or kilometres, we measure weight using grams and kilograms and capacity using millilitres and litres. We then carefully used a ruler to measure animals in centimetres.

In phonics this week we have been learning about the suffix ‘ing’.  We have added the suffix to words where no change is needed to the root word eg jump – jumping.

On Friday we had a dictation session.  Mrs Roberson read sentences like….. The boys were knocking on the door.  We had to listen carefully and write the sentence using our knowledge of phonics and  of  high frequency words.  You may like to do this at home with your child giving them sentences using the ing ending from this week’s phonics.

In D&T this week we made our own rice krispie cakes using Fairtrade chocolate.  We thought about the reasons why we should buy Fairtrade products and looked at the Fairtrade website to learn more about Fairtrade.  You may like to follow the link to find out more at home.

Thanks to everyone who supported the Fairtrade cafe yesterday.  It was great to see so many of you there enjoying a drink and something to eat.

 Today we have been learning about the Hindu festival of Holi. We listened to the story of the celebration and we used powder paint to splash colours onto pictures of people we had made. 

Remember next week we will be making sock puppets so make sure your child brings a named, adult plain sock to school no later than Monday 2nd March.

Also don’t forget it is World Book Day next Thursday and your child needs to bring in a favourite book that they would recommend to their classmates.  They do need to be able to talk about the book explaining what it is about and why they think it is good to read.

Have a great weekend.

The Year One Teachers