Friday, 1 May 2015

Friday 1.5.15

This week in maths we have been practising our number facts by finding 2 numbers on bees that add together to find a matching number on a flower. We have also been rolling 2 dice to make a 2 digit number and wrote the 2 digit number, making sure we formed our numerals correctly.  We have also been writing numbers to 20 in words.
We have also been working mathematically and using our problem solving skills on this problem: I went for a walk in Harpenden and I saw a church, the war memorial and Park Hall. In what order could I have seen the buildings?
We thought about the symbols or pictures we could use for each building and we tried to record our ideas in a systematic way so we included all the possibilities!
We have also been practising our number facts using this game:

In English this week we have been writing our own non chronological reports to make a book about Harpenden.  We began by writing sentences telling the reader where Harpenden is situated.  Next we wrote sentences about Harpenden in the past using our historical knowledge.  Finally we wrote sentences about Harpenden now.  We had to make sure we used finger spaces, full stops and capital letters and that each sentence made sense.

We have been putting all our observations from our walk around Harpenden last week to good use! In ICT we have started making a class guide book. This week we have copied and pasted a photo from the walk onto a PowerPoint slide, re-sized the picture and chosen the background.

In history we looked at photos of Harpenden in the past and we matched them to photos from the present day. We thought about what had changed, what was the same and what else we could notice from the old photos.

We have also been looking at the area around the school as part of the school travel plan. We used clipboards and pens to record information for our current plan and we completed a survey to say how we travel to school. We then thought about things we need to improve.

Next week we will be learning about traditional tales in English.  If your child has a version of the Gingerbread Man could they please bring it into school.  They could also bring in their favourite traditional tale but please ensure it is named so it can be returned.

Enjoy the long weekend and we will see you on Tuesday.

The Year Two Teachers