Friday, 17 July 2015

Friday 17th July

It was lovely to see you all at our last year one assembly. We hope you all enjoyed seeing how confidently the children performed. It was great to see the children sharing their learning after the assembly back in the classrooms. We feel so proud of the progress they have made this year.

On Thursday we took 14 children to a inter-school sports competition at Redbourn Infants' School. We had great fun travelling by mini-bus! The children competed in a variety of events with great passion and were excellent ambassadors for Crabtree. Well done to everyone involved for your enthusiasm and sportsmanship! 

Thank you for coming to the Open Evening and we hope that you enjoyed seeing the children's Gingerbread Men stories, information book about Harpenden,  ICT brochure about Southend and their impressive power points about Harpenden. When we look back over the year we are very impressed by how much learning the children have done and how enthusiastic they have been about all of our topics. We hope you had an opportunity to visit their new year 2 classrooms and we are sure they will continue the next part of their Crabtree journey with the same excellent attitude to learning. We are very proud of all our children! 

When we went to Southend we were very lucky as it did not rain! We thought about what we could have done it had been a rainy day and we knew we would have needed something to protect us from the rain.  We learnt about Charles Mackintosh who was a scientist who invented waterproof fabric. We were then scientists ourselves and we investigated a variety of materials to find out which were waterproof. We knew we had to make our test fair – why don’t you ask your child if they can tell you about it? 

We hope you have a good weekend and see you on Monday for our final 3 days of Year 1! 

Year 1 Teachers