Friday, 3 July 2015

Friday 3.7.15

This week in maths we have been learning about fractions. First we looked at home something can be a part of something else. For example, Red Group are part of Kingfishers or Woodpeckers, Year 1 is part of Crabtree School, Crabtree School is part of Harpenden, Harpenden is part of England, England is part of Europe and Europe is part of the world! 

We then cut shapes into 2 or 4 sections. We can cut them in different ways! We thought about what was the same and what was different about our cut shapes. Some of them have been divided equally and we could check that by placing one on top of the other. When we had cut the shape into 2 equal parts we found out that the 2 parts are 2 halves of the whole shapes and when we had cut them into 4 equal shapes we had made 4 quarters.

The next day we found ½ of different things, for example: a strip of paper, a set of multilink, numbers and shapes. We could check that we had made 2 halves by checking they were equal.
After that we found a quarter of different numbers and objects. We checked carefully that each part was equal!

Games to practise fractions are here:

Finally we used our learning about fractions to solve this problem,, working out how we could solve it!

This week in English week we have been reading the story of Willy the Wizard by Antony Browne. The story is about a chimp called Willy who loves playing football but there is a problem because he has no football boots. After listening to the story we had a quiz to see what we could remember.
The following day we wrote our own book reviews. We wrote about our favourite part of the story and chose our favourite word the author used. Ask your child what their favourite word was.
On Thursday we thought about what we love doing. We wrote sentences explaining why we love doing it and how it makes us feel.
As a class we have also learnt to retell the story, adding our own actions, which will help us next week when we write our own version of the story.
On Friday we watched Pie Corbett retell his version of 'Willy the Wizard' called 'Sophie the Dancer' and guess what she liked doing? Unfortunately she didn't have any ballet shoes. We talked about the similarities and differences between the two stories.

In geography we have been learning about Madagascar. We thought about how Madagascar is similar to the UK and then how they are different.

We decided they are both places and they are both islands.  Ask your child if they can tell you some of the differences between the two islands.  Here are some headings to help jog your child’s memory – schools and houses, seasons, animals, plants that grow there, continents and oceans.

Have a good weekend and we will see you at the summer fair. Lets's hope the sun shines.

The Year One Teachers