Friday, 11 September 2015

Friday 11th September

Thank you to those parents who managed to come to the induction meeting this week. We hope you found them useful and please remember to come and talk to us if you have any queries or concerns.

This week in maths we have been practising counting up and down in 1s to 20, stopping at a number and checking we know which number is one more and one less. We have also been counting in 10s to 100 and 2s to 20. We have also been reading numbers to 10 in numerals and words and matching them correctly to the correct amount of objects, including our fingers! This is a game you could play at home:

This week in English we have read the story  ‘Lullabyhullaballoo’ by Mick Inkpen. After listening to the story we made our own lists of characters from the story.  We had to use our Fred Fingers to sound out words like bats, dragon and goblins. 
On Tuesday we had an English ChIL where we wrote our own lists.  We talked about when we write lists eg shopping lists, lists of friends to invite to a party, things to do lists. 
On Thursday we read some labels and captions.  We had to match the correct label and caption to a picture from ‘Lullabyhullaballoo’.
Here are some captions we read.
The dragon is  big.
The ghosts are oooooing.
The goblins and trolls are burping and slurping.
On Friday we wrote our own labels and captions to go with the pictures from ‘Lullabyhullaballoo’ .  We had to use our Fred Fingers to sound out the words.  We had to use finger spaces and full stops and capital letters in our sentences.  After writing our captions we had to read them to check they made sense. At the end of the lesson we read our captions to each other.
Follow the link to read and label more pictures.

The children have been enjoying Woodland learning this week, a repeat of last week’s session for the other ‘half’ of the classes. The children were painting stones……Enjoy the photos!

We have started learning about castles as part of our topic for this term, Turrets and Tiaras, and in preparation for your school trip. We still need more parents to accompany us on our trip to Mountfitchet Castle on Monday 21st Spetember. Please speak to the office if you have a school DBS check and are able to help. We will have a great day, we promise!

Have a great weekend.
The Year One Teachers