Friday, 25 September 2015

Friday 25th September

On Monday we had a fantastic day at Mountfitchet Castle!
Look at our photos to see how much fun we had.

This week in English we recounted our experiences at Mountfitchet Castle.  First we did this verbally. We sequenced photos of the trip and matched time words to them. The time words we used were On Monday...... First....... Next........ After lunch...... Then.......  Finally.  We worked in pairs and asked questions to find out more.
On Thursday using the same time words we wrote our own recounts about our trip to Mountfitchet Castle. We had to remember to use finger spaces, capital letters for the personal pronoun I, names of places and days of the week, and full stops.  After writing each sentence we read our sentence to check it made sense.
On Friday we had a Mountfitchet ChIL when we made our own class photo album and created our own talking book about our trip. We will put these in our book corners for everyone to read and listen to.

This week in maths we have been deepening our understanding of numbers to 10.
First we practised counting up and down in ones and then we worked out which number is one more or one less than a given number. We looked at dots and numerals, we filled in grids with missing numbers and we thought about questions such as:
Gemma thought of a number. One more than her number was 8.
What was her number?
a is one more than b. Which numbers could be a and b?
Fred thought of a number, one less than his number was 7.What was his number?
X is one less than y. Which numbers could be x and y?
We then worked out number problems. First we looked at a hundred square with missing tiles and we used our knowledge of number to work out the blanks. For example, I know it is 8 as 8 is one more than 7. Then we thought about how numbers can be represented in different ways. For example, 8 counters can be shown as 8 + 0, 7 + 1, 6 + 2 etc. We thought about the corresponding number sentences and how we could work systematically in order to find all the possibilities. Looking at numbers in this way deepens children’s understanding of number and helps them to learn all the number facts for each number. A good game to practise number facts is:

In phonics some of us have been recapping the digraphs ea and ee.  We read real words and alien words like sea, real, treat, stream, queap,  see, week, bleep, preemp. Some of us have been practising reading Phase 2 key words by sight and using our Fred Fingers to blend words. 

In geography this week we looked at a map of the UK and named the four countries that make up the UK. We then located some well known UK castles. We learnt that castles were either located on the coast, by rivers or on a hill. Ask your child why? We also learnt about geographical features. Theses include human features built by man (castle, moat, motte) and physical features that are natural (coast, river, hill). We also watched a videoclip of Barnaby Bear visiting Edinburgh Castle. Follow the link to watch it again.

In our Jigsaw lesson this week we talked about our rights and responsibilities.

Jigsaw Jack told the children we all have the right to be part of a class where the actions below are happening.

And we all have the responsibility to make sure we are doing them.

We are kind to each other

We listen

We respect each other

We work hard

We take care of our property

You may like to encourage your child to think about these responsibilities at home too.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year One Teachers