Friday, 5 February 2016

Friday 5th February 2016

This week in English we have been storytelling to celebrate National Storytelling week. 
The week begun with Mrs Bootle and Mrs Roberson telling the story of ‘Q Pootle 5’ a story about an alien from outer space. 
 We mapped the story making a class story map and after we made own individual story maps working in pairs.  The next day we used the story maps to learn (step) the story.  We worked in pairs putting actions and sound effects to our story.  We finished the lesson with each group telling a part of the story so by the end the whole story had been told.  Here is the story map below,  your child may like to tell you the story of Q Pootle 5. 

By Friday we were able to confidently tell the story of Q Pootle remembering the actions and sounds to both Reception  and Year 2.  Next week we are going to write our own stories magpie-ing ideas from Q Pootle 5.

We started this week in maths by continuing our learning about time. First we drew the hands on a clock, remembering to make the hour hand shorter than the minute hand. We had to think carefully about the position of the hour hand – if it is half past 4 the hour hand has to be half way between the 4 and the 5. We all drew the hands for o’clock and half past and some of us challenged ourselves to draw the hands on clocks to represent quarter past and quarter to. Games to practise telling the time are:
We know that there are 30 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour and we tried to guess how long a minute is!  We went outside and estimated how many times we could complete an activity in a minute and then we checked to see if our predictions were correct. We had lots of fun and some of us were very surprised how quickly a minute passes!

The next day we played a game called ‘Dotty Numbers’, when we had to roll a die and put that amount of dots in a box. If we filled the box we could ‘win’ that square. We had to use our adding skills to help us – and lots of luck helped too! Here is the game is you would like to play it at home.

 On Friday we looked at 2 digit numbers and thought about them as ‘tens’ and ‘ones’. We realised 2 digit numbers can be ‘pulled apart’ in to tens and ones, so 26 is 20 and 6. Here is a demonstration of this:
We selected 2 digit numbers and recorded them as tens and ones, so 38 is 30 and 8. Knowing this helps us to understand that 30 + 5 = 35, as the ones can slot into place of the 0. Good games to practise place value are:

In Mrs Roberson’s phonics group this week we learnt the tri-graph ‘tch’ as in stitch, match, witch.  We read real and alien words and sentences with this tri-graph.  We also began learning about plurals.
Adding s to plural nouns
The root word stays the same just add s.
 One = singular
More than one = plural
 Mrs Bootle’s group has been practising reading words and sentences containing the digraph ‘er’. Here are some examples of words and sentences we read. We have also been practising reading using the free activities on the Phonics Play website. Here is the link: If you click on a game you can then select the ‘er’ digraph. 

In Jigsaw we thought about what we can do to overcome challenges that we may face in our learning. We all had lots of good ideas and these included:
·         Keep on trying
·         Use our brains
·         Keep calm and think of a different way of doing it
·         Not cry
·         Ask someone to help us
·         Use some resources from the classroom

·         Keep practising

      We hope you have a good weekend and see you on Monday for the last week of this half term! We can't believe half the academic year has nearly gone!

     Year One Teachers