Friday, 11 March 2016

Friday 11th March 2016

This week in maths we have been learning about measuring weight, length and height and capacity.
First we estimated the heaviest and lightest animal using our hands. Then we checked if our estimates were correct using balance scales. We then challenged ourselves to put 6 animals in order from the heaviest to the lightest. We described their relative position, for example, ‘The hippo is heavier than then snake and the snake is lighter than the bear’.

Next we looked for things to join the ‘Tall and Short Club’. We used rulers to carefully measure if objects were taller or shorter then 10cm. We also thought about problems, for example, ‘The giraffe is twice as tall as the penguin. What is taller, 2 giraffes or 3 penguins?’

Then we looked at capacity and measured containers to see which had the smallest and largest capacity. We saw that just because something is tall it might not have the largest capacity!
As well as counting in 2s, 5s and 10s we have been practising adding and taking away 10 from any 2 digit number. We know that when we add 10 we can ‘jump down’ one row on the number line and that the 10s digit changes but the ones digit stays the same. Here are some online games to practise this:

This week in English we have been deepening our understanding of the story ‘The Black and White Club’. On Monday we made a mood map up for how George felt at different times during the story. At the beginning of the story George was happy.  When went with his friends to the entrance of the Black and White Club he felt excited.  But when the penguins told him he couldn’t join the club he felt upset.  After a terrible night of not being able to sleep George set about trying to solve his problem.  We realised George was resilient, he didn’t cry or give up but he tried to think of different ways to overcome the situation.  In the end George invented the Tall and Short Club which everyone wanted to join and he  had never felt happier. 
We then did an activity called phone home. In pairs one of us was George and one mum and we had to tell mum all about what had happened.

On Tuesday we thought about a club we could invent that lots of people would want to join.  We talked about how clubs need rules and thought of five rules for our new club. We also design a badge for our club.

On Thursday we did an activity called ‘boxing up’. We thought about the structure of the story ‘The Black and White Club’. Where was it set? Who was the main character?  What was the problem that the character faced?  During the story what were the setbacks and how was the problem solved?  Finally how did the story end and how did the character feel?  All these questions are great questions for you to use at home with your children when reading books.

On Friday we did some shared writing where everyone got to contribute to a class story that was based on ‘The Black and White Club’ story.  Ask your child who the main character was and where the story was set.  Next week the children will be writing their own versions of the story ‘The Black and White Club’. 

In phonics Mrs Roberson's group has been learning to read words containing the suffix 'ing' as in buzzing, wishing, stitching, pressing, sailing.  The root word stays the same and 'ing' is added.
In phonics Mrs Bootle group has been learning to read word containing the long ‘i’ phoneme spelt in different ways: ie, igh and i-e. These words include my, pie, high and kite. We also learnt to read the key words: there, just, there, little, do, and practised reading those from previous weeks: said, so, went, said, were,like, some, come, it’s, have. Examples of sentences we have been reading are:
Watch out for the fire!
I had a fright in the night.
Dad made a pie.

In computing we have been making a PowerPoint slide about Fair Trade. Last week we copied and pasted a picture from a file, then we changed its size and changed the background colour. This week we have been inserting a text box and writing a title for our slide and a caption for the picture.

In history this week we looked at a Power Point showing the  events of Nelson Mandela’s life.  After we had to put nine cards of his life in chronological order, starting with when he was born in 1918 and ending with his death in 2013. We talked about which events were the happiest in his life and which were the saddest and why.

We used the cards to read the dates eg Nelson Mandela sent to prison in 1963.

Have a lovely weekend.
The Year One Teachers