Friday, 4 March 2016

Friday 4th March 2016

This week in maths we have been continuing to use numbers to 40 to add and subtract.
First we played a game called ‘Sort Them Out’. We had a selection of addition and subtraction number sentences and we had to calculate the answers and then decide how to sort them into two groups. Ideas we used included:
·         Odds and evens
·         Answers more or less than 20
·         Addition or subtraction number sentences
·         One or two digit answers

Then we used a variety of strategies to work out the missing number in a number sentence, here are some examples of our number problems.
We had to think about what we have to do go get from one number to the other. The strategies we used included using our number facts (knowing parts of a whole), counting on using our head and our fingers or on the number line or square, Numicon, partitioning and recombining or using inverse operations.

We then worked out the missing number in subtraction number sentences. Here are some examples of the problems we tackled.

This week’s ideas for online games are:

This week in English we have used Alice Hemming's story 'The Black and White Club'. First we listened to the story and then drew a story map to help us remember the sequence of the key moments in the story. The following day we got to 'step' the story using our story maps. We added actions to help us remember significant words.  After we took turns in pairs to retell the story then we got into groups of fours and told the story again.

On World Book Day we spent the day sharing our friendship stories and wrote a book review recommending them. We also illustrated the story we had created as a whole school with Alice last  Friday. 

In Mrs Bootle’s phonics group we looked at the digraph ‘ay’ and the alternative ways to spell this sound: ‘ai’ and ‘a-e’. We learnt that the ‘ay’ digraph does not fit every word e.g. ‘rayn’. We swapped the ‘ay’ digraph to ‘ai’ (rain) to make sure the word made sense. We also discovered that make, bake and cake etc. all have the best friends ‘a-e’ but were separated in the middle, which made them a split digraph. This is game was really fun and will be useful to play at home too:

This week in Mrs Roberson's phonics group we were learning about the 'ed' ending, turning the present into the past. All the words we learnt about had no change to the root word eg paint ed, 

We started looking at Nelson Mandela in History this week, finding out who he is and why he made such a difference to the world we live in. We thought about how we could make our world a better place to understand more about Nelson Mandela’s dream. Have a look at the photos below:  

This week we had an assembly where Mrs Pattrick introduced us to six new members of our school.  They each have a special 'LEARNING POWER'. 
Ravi Resourcefulness has joined the Woodpeckers.  He is very good at listening, in fact he is so good because as he listens he soaks up all the information so he can then work independently. He also likes likes to use different resources to help with his learning. In maths this week he used lots of resources like the hundred square, the number line and his fingers  to help with his learning.
Thinking Thelma has joined the Kingfishers.  She likes to think and reflect on her learning and experiences. She loves to think of new ways to approach a task if it isn't going the way she had planned! 

Both Ravi and Thelma joined us this week in Woodland Learning.

Have a great weekend and enjoy Mother's Day with your children.

The Year One Teachers.