Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thursday 24th March

This week in English we have been revisiting our learning about recounts. We began by looking at a selection of time words and put these in chronological order starting with First…… and ending with Finally…….We then read some recounts and identified the features of a recount. 

We found all recounts

  • have time words - First….. Then….. Next….. After….. Finally……
  • have ‘events’ in order
  • incorporate at least three chronological events
  • maintain past tense
  • are about personal experiences
  • consistently use the first person ‘I’

Next in pairs we recounted an incident from our own experience in chronological order using basic sequencing words and phrases, for example, ‘first’ ‘then’, ‘after that’.  We listened to each other’s recounts and ask relevant questions to find out more about the event being recounted.  Over the Easter weekend you may like to encourage your child to recount events using the time words above and ask them questions to find out more.

Next week the children will be writing their own recounts after the trip to St.Albans Abbey.

This week in maths we have been practising our maths facts in a variety of different ways. We started by playing a new game that we all enjoyed:

We then played a game called butterfly numbers, where we had to add the numbers on 2 butterflies to the number on a flower.

We also played a game about spotty ladybirds. An example of a challenge was:

There ladybirds in the garden with 4, 6 or 6 spots.

There are 20 spots in the garden. Which ladybirds? Can you think of another way?

We have also been investigating ‘flower numbers’. This is when we have a target number in the centre of a ‘flower’ and the children write lots of different ways to make that number in the petals around the edge. This a great way of practising (and hopefully learning!) number facts.

Other games we have been playing this week are:

In ICT this week we finished our PowerPoint slides about Fair Trade. We have to copy and paste a picture, enter text, change the font, size and colour of the text, change the background and finally record ourselves narrating our slide. We are very impressed with the results! 

Thank you for coming to our Assembly! We hope you all enjoyed it. We were so proud of them all!

Have a great bank holiday weekend! See you back on Tuesday. 

The Year 1 Team