Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday 1st April

On Thursday we went to St.Albans Abbey. We had a fantastic day as you can see from the photos below. We enjoyed a maths trail, where we looked for different shapes, made symmetrical rubbing of floor tiles and measured the length, width and height of the nave using our bodies, trundle wheels and a helium balloon! We also looked at patterns in the abbey and made our own clay tile. 

This week in English we wrote our own recounts recounting the events of our trip to St.Albans Abbey.  We started by ‘boxing up’ the day’s events as a class so when we came to write our recount we had a plan to remind ourselves.  We had to remember to include the following features of a recount.

  • To write in first person ‘I’
  • To use the past tense eg made,  went, walked
  • To use time words On Thursday….. First…… Then…… Next…… After lunch…… Finally
  • To write about a personal experience

 In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, naming them, describing them using mathematical language and comparing them.

On Tuesday 10 children represented Crabtree at a PE competition for local Year 1 schools. Well done to all those who took part, you were great! 

On Tuesday we were very lucky as we had a real scientist in school - Mrs Davies, Ethan’s mum! She taught us that all living things are made of cells and the cells contain DNA which are the ‘instructions’. We learnt how to extract the DNA from a banana! 

ART COMPETITION: Optional homework!

Would your child like to submit an entry to an exciting Art competition? County show organisers, the Hertfordshire Agricultural Society, are inviting school children to take part in their imaginative competition to mark ‘The Queen’s 90th Birthday’. As our longest reigning British Monarch they would like your child to help celebrate her birthday. They would like your child to submit a photograph, painting or drawing size A3 or smaller that represents for them what makes our Queen special.

We are asking children from Year 1 and 2 to design their entry at home as the deadline is very soon.

We will have an internal competition at Crabtree and then choose winners from each age category to send off to the Hertfordshire Agricultural Society.

Please return any entries to your class teacher by Friday 22nd April, so that we can identify which entries will be sent off to Hertfordshire Agricultural Society.
Enjoy the holiday.  Have a safe and restful time and we will see you all on Tuesday 19th April for the last term in Year One!

Year 1 Teachers