Friday, 29 April 2016

Friday 29th April

This week in English we have continued our learning about information texts.  Using our knowledge from last week we have written our own information books about the rainforest. 

We wrote about what a rainforest is, where rainforests can be found and how many layers a rainforest has.  We also wrote about what animals and plants can be found at the different levels and why they like to live at that level.

Ask your child why wild pigs live on the forest floor and why the canopy layer is the noisiest layer of all?

We had to remember to use
  • Finger spaces to make it easy for the reader to read
  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Joining word ‘and’ to extend our simple
Challenges included using
  • the joining word ‘because’
  • ! or ? to punctuate our writing

On Friday the children completed their books by making the front cover which included the title, a photo of the rainforest and the author’s name. Finally we wrote a blurb for the back of the book.

This week in maths we have been continuing our learning about numbers to 100. We have been thinking about the pace value of each digit and what that means, what is the same and what is different.  For example 46 and 64 both have the same 2 digits, they are both even numbers, but one has 4 lots of 10 and the other has 6 lots of 10. We sequenced a series of numbers to 100 and we practised our knowledge of place value by putting numbers on a number line using this website:
We thought more about what each digit in a 2 digit number means and we selected a number and made it using the correct amount of Numicon like this:

Today we have been learning about estimation – a sensible guess. First we estimated and then we counted the following objects.
How many ‘squares’ on climbing net?
How many benches in playground?
How many bins in playground?
How many steps to the juniors?
How many upright posts on the trim trail?
How many squares in the 100 square?
How many windows in Eagles classroom?
How many chairs in outdoor classroom?

We learnt it does not have to be correct in order to be a good estimate and we check our estimate using careful counting. 

In Mrs Roberson’s phonics group we have been learning about the prefix un.

On Monday we learnt about adding un to an adjective eg       

un = not  

happy - not happy = unhappy

kind – not kind = unkind

On Tuesday we learnt about adding un again but this time

Un = the  opposite of  the word

do = undo

tie = untie

In our grammar lesson we  talked about the omissive apostrophe.  We had to match the group of words that have the same meaning.

I will, you have, it is, did not, do not,

– it’s, I’ll, didn't ,you've, don’t

Mrs Bootle's group has been learning to read words containing the digraphs or, ow, er, ur, ir and reading the key words don't, day, oh, old, made, their, I'm came, by and people. Please practise reading the digraphs that were sent home this week. 

In geography we identified a map of the United Kingdom and then located and named the four countries within the UK.  Can your child tell you what they are?

We then used the IWB to look at a  map of the whole of the UK and then zoomed in Harpenden.  We looked at both the map view and aerial view of Crabtree Infants and Batford Springs. 

After we used a range of geographical resources including maps, atlases and globes to locate the UK. We then recorded the four countries of the UK on a map and we challenged ourselves to locate London too.  Can your child tell you the trick Mrs Roberson taught them to help locate London?

At the end of the lesson we looked at a map of the world and together we tried to name and identify the seven continents of the world. Some children knew that the UK was part of the continent named Europe.

On Friday we went on an aeroplane journey with Barnaby Bear from Harpenden in the UK which is part of the continent of Europe to the continent of North America.  After a long flight we arrived in Mexico City! Once in Mexico City Barnaby showed us around the huge city.  After we talked about what the differences were between Harpenden and Mexico City. Then we made a poster showing the differences.

You may like to follow the link with your child so you can see what life is like in Mexico City.

Enjoy the long bank holiday weekend!

The Year One Teachers