Thursday, 26 May 2016

Thursday 26th May

This week in English we finished off our own versions of ‘The Runaway Chapati’.  We designed our front cover, writing the title and author of our story and drawing a picture of the main character.

Our teachers had read our stories over the weekend and on Monday they told us what they were impressed with and explained our next steps to improve our writing further.

On Thursday afternoon we read our stories to the children in Reception who really enjoyed them.

This week in maths we have been using our learning about addition and subtraction to solve problems. We have been making up number sentences to go with word problems, adding symbols to number sentences to make them make sense, and filling in missing numbers. Here are some problems we have been solving:

We have been using the hundred square and number tracks to work out the difference between two numbers. First we rolled a die and counted on that number. Then we then we worked out how many more, or the difference, between that number and the next starred number.

This is helping children understand that the difference means ‘how many jumps in between’, and also to begin to understand that we can work out subtraction number sentences by counting on – the ‘shopkeepers’ method’. Maybe during the holiday you could help your child find out the difference between two numbers when playing board games?
The websites we have been using to practise our number facts are:

In phonics Mrs Bootle’s group has been learning to segment, blend and read words containing the ‘ph’ and ‘wh’ phonemes. These words included graph, dolphin, photo, wheel, which and whiskers. The high frequency words we have been practising reading by sight are: don’t, their, I’m, came, people and make. Please encourage your child to practise learnt phonemes at home during the holiday and the key words that are on page 14 of the home-school book, thank you!

We had a great day out at Cuffley Camp.  We enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt, creating a group natural sculpture inspired by Andy Goldworthy, going on a leaf hunt and making Green Man masks. Thank you to the parents who accompanied us, we hope you enjoyed the day too! 

On Thursday 9th June the children will be doing scooter training during the morning. Please could you bring in a scooter for your child to use, named on the handlebars? If your child does not have a scooter they will be able to borrow one from school. If you have any questions please speak to Mrs Bootle, thank you.

We can’t believe another half term has flown past so quickly! We hope you have a restful and happy inset day and half term holiday and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 6th June for the last half term of Year 1!

Year 1 Teachers