Friday, 10 June 2016

Friday 10th June

This week in English we have been revisiting our learning about poetry.  We began by listening to a poem called ‘Eenie Meenie Minibeast’.  We then talked about our favourite words and phrases the poet had used.  After we looked for repeating phrases, rhyming words, alliteration and adjectives.
Here are some that we found
Spiders lurking, ants hardworking.
Hopping, hurrying, crawling, scurrying,
Floating, flittering, gliding, glittering

On Tuesday we looked at an anthology of poems by Giles Andreae called ‘Mad about Minibeasts’.

Each group had a different poem.  In groups of three we read the poems and then talked about what we liked about them.  Later we read them to the rest of the class and then voted on our favourite poem.  Both classes voted ‘The Dragonfly’ the best.  Can you think of any reasons why?

On Thursday using the same poems we had on Tuesday  we learnt to recite them  and then performed  our poems to the rest of the class.  We had to make sure we
  • used voices that could be heard
  • did actions to make it fun for the audience to watch
  • had good eye contact
  • said the rhyme in time with each other
By the end of the week we realised real poets choose the words they use in their poems very carefully.  Next week we will be writing our own poems about minibeasts and thinking about the words we use.  You will be able to read our poems on Open Evening in July.

This week in maths we have been learning about money. First we learnt to recognise all the different coins and played a game when we had to pick a coin and give our partner clues to describe them. Then our partner had to guess what coin we were holding. The next day we played a game on the computer when we had to ‘pay’ for an item. We tried to use as few coins as possible. Here are links to the games:
We have also ‘bought’ items for our street party for the Queen’s birthday, selecting the item and then choosing the correct coins. Some of us selected several items, added the prices and then paid for them. Next week we will be practising adding the prices of several items, selecting the correct coins and giving change. It is fun to play shops at home or here are some more games to play to practise recognising, adding coins, selecting the correct coins and giving change.
We have also been thinking about questions such as:
If I have 2 coins and they add up to 15p, which coins could they be?
I have 2 coins, how much do they add up to? What is the smallest amount? What is the highest amount?

 In phonics Mrs Bootle’s group have been using their phoneme fingers  to segment and blend words containing ‘magic e’, or the split digraphs a-e, i-e, o-e, u-e. We have been reading words such as make, frame, slide, hike, stone, rose, rude and tube.

Mrs Roberson and Mrs Ide’s group have been using their phoneme fingers to segment and blend words containing all the digraphs we have learnt this year. Some of the words we have been reading are; main, lighthouse, pumpkin, comic, quickly, thrand, blies, cloin, tabe and harnd. Ask your child to show you how good they are at using their phoneme fingers.

On Thursday we enjoyed our scooter training in the sunshine! We learnt that to do an emergency stop we need to jump off with both feet and we should always stop like this when we are waiting to cross the road. We also learnt to watch out for cars that are displaying their white reversing lights and that we should push our bikes down steep hills and not ride them as it is too dangerous! Happy and safe scooting everybody!

Today we have had a fantastic day celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday .
In English we wrote each other invitations  to our street party. We had to remember to write where, when and at what time the party was happening.

In the afternoon we went outside to the street party where we enjoyed our party food and played lots of games!Look at our photos to see how much fun we had.

Enjoy the weekend and any celebrations you may be having to celebrate the Queen's birthday.
The Year One teachers.