Friday, 17 June 2016

Friday18th June

This week we have written our own poems. We began by reading a poem called Mini-beasts.

We then looked closely at the poem and noticed a pattern. Next we had a go at using the pattern to write a class poem. We started we the number one. Then we thought of a mini-beast. Next we thought of an adjective to describe it.  After we thought about what it was doing and how.
For example
One wiggly worm wriggling through the mud.
We tried to challenge ourselves to use alliteration. 

After writing a class poem using this format we got into pairs and wrote a poem together. We were just like real poets as we really chose our words carefully. 
On Tuesday we wrote our own individual poems again using the same pattern. We had to remember to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops or exclamation marks, describing words and possibly alliteration.
On Thursday we improved our poems, adding any of the above. If we had included all of these we had to improve our spellings. After we illustrated our poems and then read them to each other.
On Friday we wrote our poems in our neatest writing for a class display so that everyone could read them easily. We looked at two pieces of handwriting and talked about how we thought they could be improved.
When writing out our poems we had to remember to sit our letters on the line, think about the size of our letters and position our ascenders and descenders correctly. You will get the chance to see our poems on Open Evening in July.

This week in maths we have continued our learning about money. First we practised adding up the price of items and then choosing coins to pay for the two items.

The next day we practised giving change. One person was the shopper and selected an item and chose a coin to use to pay for it. The other person was the shopkeeper and worked out the change. We used the ‘shopkeepers’ method’  to work out how much change to give.

We have also recorded the addition number sentences in our books. We chose two or three items and recorded the number sentence. Then we calculated the answer, in just the same way as a ‘normal’ addition number sentence.

Then we solved a problem with money! We chose a coin and had to find two or more items to add up to that amount. Some of us used a ‘trial and improvement’ method, when we picked two items, added them together and then changed the items if needed. Some of us used the ‘shopkeepers’ method’ when we chose an item, counted up from that number to see how much more money we had to spend and then chose an item with that value. This is a game we played: 

In phonics this week Mrs Bootle’s group has been learning to read word containing the ‘nk’ digraph. Words we read included bank, think, honk and sunk. We remembered to use our phoneme fingers to check we were reading all the phonemes

In phonics this week Mrs Roberson’s and Mrs Ide's groups has been revisiting all the vowel digraphs including spilt digraphs . We remembered to use our phoneme fingers to check we were reading all the phonemes correctly in both real and alien words.

This week has been very exciting as we had a visit from Zoolab!

The children were told lots of exciting facts about mini-beasts and were given the opportunity to hold a millipede, a snake and a cockroach. Nearly all the children were brave enough to give it a try!

Have a look at our photos to see what fun we had and ask your child to tell you an interesting fact about mini-beasts. 

In art we have been using our observation skills to draw pictures of mini-beasts.We used lines and dots to give the effect of pattern and texture. 

Have a wonderful weekend.
The Year One Teachers