Friday, 15 July 2016

Friday 15th July

This week in maths we have been learning about division. We learnt we can do this by equal sharing or grouping. First we read the number sentence and then used our careful counting to count out the correct number. We then drew the ‘sharing circles’ and made sure we shared the counters equally. We checked how many were in each circle to ensure we had divided them equally. We thought about the relationship between multiplication and division and by looking at the sharing circles we realised that division is the inverse, or opposite, of multiplication. This helped us to use our knowledge of maths facts to solve number sentences. For example, when we divided 20 by 5 we know the answer was 4 and we could see this is the inverse of 5 x 4 = 20.

The next day we used our learning to solve division word problems. Here are some examples of the problems we solved.

In phonics Mrs Bootle’s group has been learning to clap the syllables of a word in order to help us break down the word when we are spelling them. We practised saying words such as thunder and sunset. When we know how many syllables we can then use our phoneme fingers to sound out each part of the word. Here are some examples:
Thunder = thun   der = th-u-n   d-e-r
Sunset = s-u-n    s-e-t

Mrs Roberson’s group has been revisiting their learning about the suffix 'est'. We started the root word eg bright and then added the suffix 'est' to make the word brightest. All the words we used to add the 'est', the root word stayed the same eg cold - coldest, small - smallest, quick - quickest, fast - fastest.
We also practised our spellings of there, their and said.  Over the summer you may like to help your child learn to correctly spell the first 100 high frequency words.

This week in English we have used our knowledge of the ‘Giant Jam Sandwich’ to create our own versions of the story.

On Monday the children planned their stories using a ‘boxing up’ sheet. They chose a minbeast of their own and a sandwich filling that the minbeasts would like to eat.

On Tuesday the children wrote their stories, carefully thinking about letter formation, capital letters and full stops, finger spaces, joining words, exclamation marks and question marks. They included time and story words, verbs and adjectives.

The stories were fantastic! Titles included, ‘The Giant Leaf Sandwich’, ‘The Giant Sugar Sandwich’ and even ‘The Giant Coriander Sandwich’! Why don’t you ask your child to retell the story they wrote.

Have a great weekend.  We can't believe there is only one week left before the summer holidays.

The Year One Teachers