Friday, 8 July 2016

Friday 8th July

This week in English we have continued with activities to embed our story ‘The Giant Jam Sandwich’.

On Monday the children thought about how the villagers were feeling from the beginning to the end of the story. As a class we created a mood map which showed how their emotions changed at various points in the story.

The children then worked in pairs to ‘phone home’, using role play to act out a conversation between a villager and her mother or father. The children took it in turns to be the villager and retell the terrible events that had happened in Itchington village that day and how they finally got rid of the wasps.

On Thursday we ‘boxed up’ the story. Children drew simple pictures in a boxing up grid to show key features of the story; the setting, the characters, the problem, set-backs, the solution and the ending. They then challenged themselves to add key feeling words and verbs. This was in preparation for boxing up their own versions of the story next week to help them with their writing.

On Friday we generated ideas for our own class versions of the story. Each class then split in to three groups to write one part of the story. The Woodpeckers wrote a story about an infestation of snails that left slime everywhere called ‘The Giant Salad Sandwich’, and the Kingfishers wrote about a swarm of ants that were finally captured in ‘The Giant Sugar Sandwich’.

This week in maths we have been learning about multiplication. We learnt lots of other words this this – lots of, times, groups of and repeated addition. We represented multiplication in different ways – using lots of Numicon, as a number sentence using the ‘x’ symbol, and as a repeated addition.

By looking at an array we worked out that multiplication can be done in any order – just like addition. So we learnt that 10 x 5 = 5 x 10. We then used our learning about multiplication to solve problems. Here are some examples of problems that we solved. We chose our own methods to calculate the answer. Some of us drew simple pictures, some used Numicon, some of us used our maths facts and some used repeated addition. We wrote the answer using a multiplication number sentence.

In phonics this week Mrs Bootle’s group have been learning when we spell words with a ‘c’ sound with a ‘k’. The rule is a ‘k’ is used before an e, i or y. These are some examples of words we have read, sounded out using our phoneme fingers and written : sketch, kit, skin, sketch and kettle. 

In phonics this week Mrs Roberson’s group have been revisiting their learning of the suffix ‘ing’.  In Year One the root word has no changes eg sing – singing  play - playing   sail – sailing  chew – chewing.

We used our phoneme fingers to segment and blend words.

On Wednesday we had a visit from Mr Johnson and his team. The children all got a chance to take part in tennis and football activities and try their hands at crazy golf! They had a great time!

Have a great weekend.
The Year One Teachers