Friday, 11 November 2016

Friday11th November

This week in English we have continued learning about poems. We began the week by talking about how poets use their senses when writing their own poems.  Those children who had recently seen fireworks were able to use that experience to help them think of adjectives to describe the colour, movement and sound of the fireworks. First we made a group poem using a collection of words and phrases about fireworks and then used those ideas to make up a whole class poem.

On Tuesday we worked in pairs to write a firework poem using some of the ideas from the day before. We could choose from three sentence starters Fireworks…… Fireworks go…. or Fireworks are like …. We thought carefully (just like a real poet) about which adjectives to use to describe the fireworks.

On Thursday using the ideas from earlier in the week we wrote our own firework poems. On Friday we responded to the blue moving on pen comments our teachers had made, to make our poems even better.

This week in maths we have been learning about shape. First we named 2D shapes – sphere, cylinder, cube and cuboid. We practised a rhyme to help us remember each shape, maybe your child can teach you! We searched for shapes hidden in the playground and then then described the shapes using mathematical language, for example, I have 6 square faces. We used the clues to identify the different shapes. We then compared shapes by describing their properties, for example a cylinder has 2 circle faces but a cube has 6 square faces.
We then moved on to the 2D shapes triangle, rectangle, square and circle. We looked for examples of these shapes outdoors. Finally we have sorted shapes of different sizes and orientations. Maybe you could look for examples of shapes around your home or maybe try these games:  

In phonics this week we started by recapping the ‘ai’ phoneme and then we have been learning to read and spell words containing the ‘ay’ phoneme. Examples of words we have been reading and writing include: train, claim, Sunday and birthday.  

In history this week we were learning about why we wear poppies at this time of year.  Ask your child if they can tell you.   We made our own wreath of poppies and wrote our own messages of remembrance. Using a card template we drew around the poppy shape, then cut it out and finally added a black centre.  Look at our wonderful wreaths.
Have a great weekend.
The Year One Teachers