Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday 13th January

It was great to see everyone looking so happy and rested after the Christmas break.  It was lovely to hear when asked how the children were feeling at the start of the day, many said” Happy to be back at school.” “Excited to be back at school with my friends.”

This week in English we have been using the story ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes.
Dogger is a ’lost and found’ story.  We tried to think of other lost and found stories.  Here are some we thought of: The Smartest Giant, I Want my Teddy, Lost and Found .

On Monday we heard the story and then mapped the story.

On Tuesday we used the story map created yesterday to step the story to help remind us of the key moments. We had to think of an action and a word to help remind us of the key moment. Ask your child to show you the action for Dogger, school and lost.

On Thursday we used our story maps in pairs to say the story.  We used story language when saying the story eg Once….. That night…. The next day……Just then……

On Friday as it was snowing so we decided to watch the snow and think of describing words to describe what we saw.  We wrote a collection of words as a class and then we then made up a class poem. After that worked in pairs to write a snowy day poem.
At lunchtime the children enjoyed playing in the snow.

This week in maths we have been learning to tell the time to the half hour. We talked about the position of the minute and hour hands and how when it is half past the hour hand has travelled ‘half way’ between the hours. We have drawn hands on clock faces to represent times, making sure we have made the minute hand long and the hour hand short! Here are some games to practise telling the time:
We have used our reasoning to draw the hands on a clock, record the time and say what we might do at that time. For example at 7 o’clock we might get up or go to bed!
We have played a game in pairs when we can move the hands of a clock by one hour or half an hour. The winner was the person who managed to finish on 12 o’clock and we used our problem solving skills to try and do this!

We have also been naming and sequencing the days of the week and then months of the year. If your child is not confident with these please can you practise at home? We sing songs to help us remember them! We have also thought about what we might do on different days or during different months. For example on Monday we might go to school, on Saturday we might have a swimming lesson, in January we might play in the snow and in October we might play in fallen leaves.

In phonics this week we have been spotting digraphs or trigraphs  in words and using our phoneme fingers and blending arm to read words. Can your child tell you the digraph or trigraph in these words spoilt, stair, creep, blue?

In our science and Jigsaw lessons and our Jigsaw assembly we thought about ways to keep healthy.  We talked about eating a healthy diet, drinking water, getting exercise, keeping clean, getting plenty of sleep and having fresh air and sunlight.  We played body parts ping pong where we had to take turns to name a body part.  We then labelled an outline of a body with all the parts we had named.  After we went outside to see how healthy we were.  We had to see how many times we could star jumps, bend high and low, throw and catch a bean bag and skip in one minute.  We took turns to be the scorer and the person exercising.  We noticed how different our heart rates were when we were resting and exercising.

Have a lovely weekend.
The Year One Teachers.