Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday 10th February

This week we enjoyed a wonderful start to our new topic of animals with a visit from Ark Farm. We learnt lots of information about the animals and were able to stroke them. We also had lots of fun!

After the animals had visited we came back to our classrooms and we began to plan a class story using a plot matrix.  It was about one or two of the animals of Ark Farm going missing whilst at school.


The next day we wrote a class story using our plot matrix.  The children in Woodpecker class made up a story about two greedy pigs and the children in Kingfisher class made up a story about two shivering pigs who needed to get out of the cold.
Ask your child if they can tell you the story.  
On Thursday all the children wrote their own individual 'lost and found' stories based on Ark Farm. Ask your child what animal they chose to go missing and where in school the animal was found.

In maths this week we have been learning about addition and subtraction of numbers to 40. It is essential that children learn as many facts as possible to add to their ‘tool belt’ of resources to use! Knowing all the number facts to 10 means that children can use these to bridge through 10 when working out number sentences with larger numbers.
Here are some examples of the calculations we worked out:

We then looked at a picture and wrote all the number sentences for it. This is to help children see addition as ‘parts of the whole’. In the example below they are:
5 + 4 = 9
4 + 5 = 9 (As we know that addition can be done in any order)
9 – 5 = 4
9 – 4 = 5

We then made our own ‘parts of the whole’ using bubble numbers. We were given a number in a bubble and then decided how to split the number into two parts, making sure they totalled the bubble number. After that we recorded all the number sentences. In this example they are:
15 + 10 = 25
10 + 15 = 25
25 – 15 = 10
25 – 10 = 15

Some of us extended this activity by splitting the parts of the whole like this:

We then recorded all those number sentences too, phew!

In phonics we have been learning the ‘aw’ and ‘or’ digraphs. Examples of words we have been segmenting, blending, reading and writing include torch, sport, yawn, prawn, straw and thorn.

We cannot believe that we are half way through year 1 already! We hope that all you have restful and enjoyable half term holiday and we look forward to seeing you for part two of year one on 20th February! 

Year 1 Teachers