Friday, 24 February 2017

Friday 24th February 2017

This week in maths we have been learning about measuring. First we used the vocabulary tall, taller, tallest; short, shorter, shortest; long, longer, longest to compare objects using an animal and we used the maths vocabulary to discuss our findings with our partner. Then we learnt about why standard measures are important and we used a 30cm ruler to measure objects that we found that were taller, longer or shorter than 30cm. We recorded this information in a table. The next day we used our ruler to accurately measure the height and length of some animals, remembering to line up the start of the object with our ruler. Finally we estimated the length of objects, measured them using our ruler and found the difference between our estimate and the actual measurement. We remembered that it is okay to not guess exactly the correct length as an estimate is a sensible guess!  

This week in English we have been learning about poetry. We looked at six different poems from 'Farmyard Hullaballoo' by Giles Andreae.                                                                             Image result for giles andreae farmyard hullabaloo

Each poem was about a different farmyard animal. On Monday we listened to a poem about a bull and then talked about our favourite parts and words of the poem and we noticed the poem alliteration and rhyme. Each group then had a poem about a different farm animal. We were detectives and looked for interesting words, rhyming words and alliteration.
On Tuesday we used the same poems again and working in threes practised reciting the poems and adding actions. We then performed our poems to each other. We talked about what you need to do when performing to an audience.

On Thursday we looked at a poem called 'The Farmyard' by AA Atwood. Ask your child what patterns they noticed. We also talked about describing words - adjectives, actions/doing words - verbs and plurals.
On Friday we worked in pairs and used the patterns of the same poem to write our own poems.
Next week we will be writing our own  farmyard poems. 

In phonics we have been recapping the ‘ow’ phoneme, as in ‘snow’, and we have learnt the alternative spelling ‘oe’. Words we have been segmenting, blending, reading and writing include toes, oboe, how and foe. We have also learnt the meaning of some new words! 

In the final week of last term the children explored the properties of salt dough. They rolled it, flattened it, squeezed it and used tools to add textures.  They them drew a plan and made a farmyard animal made of salt dough.  It dried over half term ready for painting and finishing this week. Look at our photos to see how well with focused. 

Have a wonderful weekend.
The Year One Teachers.