Friday, 31 March 2017

Friday 31st March

We had a fantastic day out at Woburn, learning more about animals enjoying the sunshine! Thank you to our parent helpers too; we hope you enjoyed the day too! We hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

In English this week we wrote our own versions of the Three Little Pigs.  We could magpie ideas from the different versions we have read.  We had to remember the non-negotiables: capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, and check it makes sense.  Our teachers were also looking for story words, time words, repeated phrases and adjectives in our stories.
On Friday we took our own versions of the Three Little Pigs into Reception and read them to the children.  We all felt very proud of our little books and the children in Reception really liked listening to our stories.  See the photos below to see how much fun we had.

This week in maths we have been continuing our learning about fractions and learning to apply and problem solve with it.
 Here are some examples of questions we answered.

We then used a halving wall to find out half, then a quarter of a number. This is a very good way to show that half is 2 equal parts of a whole, and a quarter is 4 equal parts of a whole. We found that if we made the 2 digit numbers with Numicon it was much easier to partition them into tens and ones, find half of the tens and ones, and then add them together. Here are some examples: 

We then used our learning to find a half and a quarter of different amounts of money. We had to make the new amount with coins. Some of us found how to make the new amounts of money in different ways. Here are some examples.

Today we have been consolidation our learning in maths ChIL.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday.  We will see everyone back in school on Tuesday 18th April for a very exciting last term in Year One. James - good luck at your new school!

The Year One Teachers.