Friday, 28 April 2017

Friday 28th April

This week in English we have been using our learning about Harpenden to make our own non-fiction books. We used sub-headings of ‘Where is Harpenden’, ‘Harpenden in the Past’ and ‘Harpenden Now’. These are some of the facts we wrote:
  • ·        Harpenden is a town in Hertfordshire, England.
  • ·        Harpenden is in the continent of Europe.
  • ·        Did you know that in the past there was a pond, called Cock Pond, in the High Street?
  • ·        Farmers would take their cows to drink from the pond and in the winter the water would freeze over and people would skate on it.
  • ·        At Christmas there is a pantomime performed at Harpenden Public Halls.
  • ·        Lots of children use the play area and skate park in Rothamstead Park and grown-ups go there for walking and jogging.

We had to remember our ‘non-negotiables’ – the things we always try and do when we are writing. These are:
  • ·        Capital letter at the start of each sentences and for names
  • ·        Finger spaces
  • ·        Full stop, exclamation mark or a question mark at the end of every sentence
  • ·        Neat handwriting, Goldilocks size (not too big, not too small, but just right!)
  • ·        Use of our phoneme fingers to spell words

We finished our book by creating the front cover with a title, picture and the author’s name. We were so proud of our work we shared them with the other class! 

This week in maths we continued learning about place value. We used three digit cards 5 3 7 to make as many one and two digit numbers. For example 3, 5, 7, 53, 57. We then had to write the number as a word. You may like to help your practise reading and spelling number words as below.

On Tuesday we had to match the word to the numeral.

twenty one
seventy four

On Thursday we were given five random numbers and had to put these in order from least to most.
We talked about numbers like 31 and 13 and noticed they had the same digits but the position of each digit made a difference to its value. 


On Friday we played a strategy game called lions and tigers to reinforce our understanding of place value. It is a game you could play at home as we are sending home the sheet. Your child can tell you the rules.
We were asked the question - a number with 9 ones is bigger than a number with 6 ones. Always, sometimes or never.
We then used the number cards 3 4 5 6 7 to make a number more than 60, less than 40, between 44 and 57, an odd number, an even number. We then had to find the smallest and biggest  2 digit number we could make. 

On Friday afternoon we had the opportunity to revisit our learning in place value. We used ICT games Shark Numbers. Follow the link to play

We could choose to play word and numeral bingo, or use dienes to make 2 digit numbers or do a word search looking for number words.

In history we had to match Harpenden buildings from the past and present. We looked for clues such as the patterns and shapes within the buildings.
Talk about these pictures with your child and find out what they know.

Have a lovely long weekend! We will see everyone on Tuesday morning. 

The Year One Teachers