Friday, 19 May 2017

Friday 19th May 2017

Well done to all the children on their fantastic efforts at the assembly, we are very proud of you all! We hope you enjoyed coming into the classrooms to have a look at the children’s learning and you can see the children have been very busy this half term, leaning all about Harpenden!

This week in English we have been authors, writing our own versions of The Gingerbread Man. First we planned our own version, using a story grid. We ‘magpied’ ideas from all the different versions that we had read and used our own ideas in order to make our story as exciting as possible! We talked through our story grid to ensure that it made sense and to think about making every sentence as interesting as possible. We thought about the most appropriate and interesting story words, time words, adjectives and verbs that we could use. We then started writing our story, remembering our ‘non-negotiables’. They are capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, neat handwriting and careful spelling. We are very proud of our efforts and think that you will really enjoy reading them at the open evening! At the weekend you could ask your child to re-tell the story, making sure they use story language, adjectives and time words. 

This week in maths we continued learning about addition and subtraction. On Monday we answered a question '
Two 1 digit odd numbers always, sometimes or never when added make an even number?' 
For example 1+3 = 4  5+7 = 12
We then investigated the same question but with two 1 digit even numbers
For example 2+4 = 6  6+2 = 8
Then we investigated an odd and an even 1 digit number. 
For example 1+2 = 3  3 +4 +7.
Once we found the answer we investigated with 2 digit numbers.  Ask your child what they found out.
On Wednesday we were given a target number eg 6 and had to find pair of numbers that added up to the target number. How many can you find? We then tried to find pairs of numbers when taken away equal 6. Some of us began to record logically so we could check we had every possibility.

For example 
0+6 = 6
1+5 =6
2+4 = 6
3+3 = 6 and so on.

On Friday we learnt the sign for more and less.
We added the more or less sign to make the number statements correct.

In computing this half term we have been making our own PowerPoint presentation about Harpenden. First we chose a photograph from our Harpenden walk and we copied, pasted and resized it. We then added a text box, changing the font, colour and size. We also added interesting backgrounds to make our slides even better. Finally we recorded ourselves reading our words and our narration has been added to our slides. We hope you enjoyed seeing some of our slides at the assembly this week! 

In art this week we used Harpenden buildings as our inspiration for group collages.  First we made rubbings of different textures and then made our own prints.  We then worked as a group to create a collage of the building.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend, we can't believe next week is the last before half term!

Year 1 Teachers.