Friday, 26 May 2017

Friday 26th May

This week in English we have been authors, using our own ideas. First we used a story grid to help us generate ideas. This is a blank one.





Set back

 We listed all our ideas and chose one for our story grid. Here is our story grid and lists of our ideas.

Our teacher then used the story grid to tell the story ‘story teller’ style.   The next day we used ideas from the lists or our own ideas to make up our own story grid. Finally we used our story grid to help us write the story. As it was a story we remembered to include:
·         Story words
·         Time words
·         Adjectives
·         Interesting verbs
·         Non-negotiable – capital letters, full stops, ‘Goldilocks’ handwriting, phoneme fingers for spelling, check it makes sense.
On Friday we have enjoyed sharing our stories with Year Two and listening to the stories they have written this week.

During the holidays you could make up a story using a story grid. Remember to use interesting words when you tell your story.

This week in maths we have continued learning about addition and subtraction. On Monday we were given this picture and had to make up our own addition and subtraction number sentences. 

Here are some examples
     6 skateboarders went to the park. 3 more came to join them. There were  9  altogether.
     6 skateboarders went to the park.  3 left to go home. That leaves 6  skateboarders in the park.

Your child could do the same at home with any picture. The vocabulary used in addition sentences include add, more altogether and in subtraction sentences take way, left, leaves, less.
On Tuesday we solved addition and subtraction word problems. We looked out for the vocabulary from the day before.
Here are some examples.
12 sweets are in a bag. 
Gina eats 5 of them. 
How many are left?

 There are 9 people on a bus. 
7 more people get on.
How many are there now?

On Friday we worked out missing numbers in one step and two step problems. We talked about the strategies we could use to work out the missing number. Some of us counted on or back on a number line, some of us used our number some our fingers. We also could challenge ourselves to work out the missing symbols or work out what missing number a shape represented like below.

Over the half term let your child practise counting in 2s 10s and 5s backwards and forwards. Also follow the link to develop your child's quick number fact recall using Hit the Button.

We were very lucky on Tuesday when Mr Goodwin, a local resident, came to talk to the children about the Harpenden he can remember from when he was young. He brought pictures of ‘the olden days’ and told the children lots of interesting facts. The children enjoyed listening to how Harpenden has changed and asking him questions. Thank you Mr Goodwin.

We cannot believe how quickly this half term has flown by.  We hope that you all have an enjoyable restful half term .

Year One Teachers