Friday, 5 May 2017

Friday 5th May

This week in English we have been learning the tradition story ‘The Gingerbread Man’. First we started by listening to our teacher tell the story ‘Storyteller Style’. Then we all mapped the story. This is when we draw 8-10 simple pictures of the main parts of the story so we can use this to help us remember the story so we can tell it ourselves.

The next day we used our story maps to take turns to tell the story with a partner. We held a bean bag so we knew who was speaking and who was listening. This is a really good way to help embed the story and support each other with the re-telling.  

On Friday we ‘stepped’ the story in pairs. This is when we tell a simplified version of the story and we take a step each time we say an action. Here is the start of the story ‘stepping style’.

Old man, old woman, little boy lived
Old woman baked
Put in oven
‘Do NOT open door’
Old man, old woman work
Boy smell gingerbread man
Boy opened door
Gingerbread Man jumped out

Maybe your child could draw a storymap of the story or retell the story to you at home? 

Next week will be using other ‘storytelling’ strategies to help deepen our learning and we will be writing our own versions the following week.

This week in maths we have been continuing our learning about place value.  On Tuesday we looked at numbers 1 more and 1 less than a given number to 100.  We could use a hundred square or number-line to help us. We answered the following questions.
 45 is 1 more than  ?   77 is 1 less than?

Jess thinks of a number.  One more than her number is 41.   What is her number?

You may like to make up word problems like this for your child.  Some of us challenged ourselves and created our own more tan or less than number sentences.
On Thursday we were learning to problem solve.  We started with one step problems
 Sam is 7.  His big brother Ben is one year older. How old is Ben?
Moved onto two step
Tamsin and her little sister Beth have the same birthday as each other.  Tamsin is going to be 7.  Beth is going to be one year younger.
Tamsin says ‘I need one less candle for my bithday cake than you.
Is she correct?

And finally challenged ourselves to three step problems.
Harry  is 52.  He is 1 year older than Kate who is one year younger than Sally.  How old is Sally?
We had to read the question and decide what words were important.  We had to have a secure understanding of older and younger.  We talked about which word means more and which less.
On Friday  we continued our learning about one more and one less.  We had to complete the grid below counting in ones and tens.  Knowing our way around a hundred square really helps. To find out one more or one less than a number we counted in ones across the number square.  To count on in tens we jumped down from 43 to 53  and to count back in tens we jumped up from 43 to 33.  You may like to help your child count on and back in tens on a hundred square at home.


Count in 1
Count in 10

In history we learnt about Sir John Bennet Lawes. He lived on the Rothamsted estate in Harpenden all his life. He was a famous scientist because he invented fertiliser. He also founded the first laboratory in the world, which is why Harpenden is world famous. Ask your child what other interesting facts they know about him?
After learning about Sir John Bennet Lawes in history we set up our own science experiment to find the effects of fertilizer on tomato plants.  We will be feeding and watering our plants over the next few weeks to find out what happens.

Have a great weekend.
The Year One Teachers