Friday, 15 September 2017

Friday 15th September

This week in English we started by drawing a picture of what we did on our holidays. Then we thought about what we need to remember when writing. We remembered we need to:
·         Start with a capital letter
·         Use finger spaces between each word
·         End our sentence with a full stop
·         Check our sentence makes sense
We also thought about how to spell words. To do this we ‘Say the word, finger the word, write the word’. What a lot to remember! We all tried our best and were proud of our efforts! The next day we looked at our writing with our teacher and decided what we had done well and how we can improve our work next time.  During the weekend encourage your child to write a sentence then ask them to check to see if they have included everything!  

We have been listening to ‘Lullabyhullabaloo’ by Mick Inkpen. On Friday we used our phoneme fingers to write words from the story. Each time we had to ‘Say the word, finger the word, write the word’. We also tried to use the correct letter formation. Please encourage your child to write at home, always using their phoneme fingers and thinking about the letter formation.

In handwriting we have been learning how to form some of the ‘curly catterpillar’ letters. These are letters that we write by starting with a ‘c’. This week we have practised the letters c and a. 

This week in maths we began by sorting objects.  We thought of lots of different ways to sort ourselves.  Here are a few of our ideas: 5 year olds, 6 year olds, children who like the colour green, children who don’t like the colour green, boys, girls. Next we sorted different objects and talked about how we had sorted them. 

We practised our careful counting (not sloppy,  inaccurate counting)and we  talked about how important it is to count accurately and carefully. Look at all the things we have counted this week.

We also counted and represented numbers in different ways. By doing this we understand how 3 can be represented as a group of objects, by a picture, by the numeral, by the word and it can be show using Numicon, on a number line or 100 square.

 For the rest of the week we have been working with numbers to 10.  We have been counting up and down to 10 from any number and showing the corresponding number of fingers. We have been trying to start with our left little finger, to correspond to the number line. This really helps children to add and subtract effectively.  Help your child practise at home. 

We will continue deepening our understanding of numbers to 10 over the next few weeks.

In geography we have been looking at where castles are located in the United Kingdom. The children have been learning to name and locate the four countries of the UK. Show your child a map of the UK and ask them to show you where England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island are located. 

Here are some more photos of the children having fun with their friends! 

This week we have been doing Christmas art and have designed our own  Christmas cards. 

We hope that you have a great weekend -we think the children might sleep well and so will we. 

The Year One Team