Friday, 29 September 2017

Friday 29th September 2017

This week in English we have been using our trip to Moutfitchet Castle to help us with our reading and writing. On Monday we looked at pictures from our day and we read the captions. We remembered that when we read words we, ‘Look at the letters, say the sounds and blend them all together’.

The next day we looked at pictures of our day and put them in the correct sequence. We used time words to help us with this. Examples of the words we used are: first, next, after that, a little while later and finally. Then we worked in pairs and thought of our own captions for the pictures. We had to make sure our sentences started with a time word.  When we had decided what to write we remembered to ‘put the sentence’ in our head by repeating the sentence as we tapped our head or clapped our hands. Then we used our phoneme fingers to help sound out the words. When we are writing we, ‘Say the word, finger the word, write the word’. We remembered that each sentence must start with a capital letter, have finger spaces and end with a full stop. Please encourage your child to recount events using time words. This can be events of their day or from a story. 

On Wednesday we had a Chil session when we chose how to extend our own learning by reading captions, looking at maps of Moutfitchet, writing captions for pictures, writing lists or drawing pictures.

Finally on Friday we wrote own recounts of the day. We decided what we needed to include when writing a recount. These are some of the things we thought we should include:
·        Put the events in the correct order
·        Use time words
·        Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops
·        Check every sentence makes sense
·        Capital letters for the names of places and people
·        Neat handwriting
·        Challenge – describing words
·        Challenge – use one ‘and’ in a sentence
We all tried very hard and were very proud of our writing. We are sure you will enjoy reading the recounts after our assembly!

This week in maths we started the week by counting forwards and backwards from 0-10.  We completed a range of number tracks.

Then the children had to listen carefully to spot the mistakes.
You may like to do this at home.

During the rest of the week we consolidated our learning from Reception of one more and one less than a given number to 10. We played a game were we had two sets of cards- one with more than or less than on and the other set numbers 0-10.  In pairs we had to take turns to pick up a card and say for example 1 more than 5 is 6.  We recorded this on whiteboards.

On Wednesday we recorded  on mini worksheets showing our understanding of one more and one less.  Here are some examples you may like to try at home.

We enjoyed a maths ChIL where were able to practise counting forwards and backwards and consolidate our understanding of one more and one less.
All these activities will really help your child deepen their understanding of numbers from 1-10.

Other home learning mathematical activities this week include
·         practising counting forwards and backwards 0-10 on fingers starting at different points
·         show me one more or one less than a given number between 0 and 1 using fingers, counters, toys
·         practising correct number formation 0-10. (sheet showing correct formation) 
All these activities will help your child feel more confident in their maths lessons.

In D&T we started our sequence to make a royal carriage. We began this week by looking at a selection of royal carriages.  We noticed they all had 4 wheels, they were decorated in gold, they had crests on the doors and crowns on the roofs. Then we investigated the different parts of a vehicle and named these.  We found the wheels, the axle, the body and the chassis.

Next week we are going to plan and design our own royal carriage.  Over the next few weeks we will each be making a royal carriage.
Please could every child please bring in a box for the body of their royal carriage.
If you could turn the box inside out as shown below, so it is easier for your child to paint.

 Today we have been using our teamwork and creative skills to build castles with construction kits or junk. We had lots of fun and hope you enjoy the pictures of our efforts!

We hope you have a good weekend.

The Year One Team