Friday, 1 December 2017

Friday 1st December

This week we have become authors again, when we all wrote our own versions of George and The Dragon’. We used all our learning to help us remember the story and even the actual words the author, Chris Wormell, used. We remembered to ‘magpie’ his words and phrases for when we write our own stories. As we wrote our stories we remembered, as usual, to include:
·         Finger spaces
·         Capital letters
·         Full stops
·         Use our phoneme fingers to spell words
·         Form our letters correctly

It was lovey to see how much progress the children writing has made this term, well done everyone!

Please encourage your child to write at home. Maybe they would like to send a letter to Santa? If you use the address here you will get a reply from him!

This week in maths we have been continuing our learning about place value within 20. We looked at a range of images and had to say what number it represented.
Ask your child to tell you what number the images represent.
We then used the tens frames, the part whole model and the diennes (sticks and bricks) and to read different numbers from 11 to 19. Some of us challlenged ourselves and made up our own.
Ask your ch how many tens and how many units are in each of the images above.
They may like to make their own up at home too.

On Wednesday we looked at 12 and 13 and talked about what was the same and what was different.

We noticed that 
13 was one more than 12
12 was one less than 13. 
We noticed you move 
up the number- line when the number is one more as it gets bigger
back down the number-line when the number is one less as it gets smaller.

Later we challenged ourselves to problems like these
Adam thinks of a number.
1 more than his number is 11.
What is his number?

Jen thinks of a number.
1 less than her number is 15.
What is her number?

At home you may like to listen to your child count forwards and backwards between 11 and 20.
Ask them to tell you the number one more than a given number between 11 and 20.  Repeat with one less.
Ask them to choose a number between 10 and 19 and ask them how many tens and how many ones are in their number.
Play what is my number?  
You choose a number eg 15 and say my number is one more than 14. What is my number? Repeat with one less.
Play Ping Pong one more.  You say 14 they say 15
  Play Ping Pong one less. You say 19 they say 18 

In art this week we continued to develop our drawing skills and we did pencil portraits of each other. At the end of the lesson we went around the classroom looking at all the portraits.  You will see these in our cloakrooms.

Today our classrooms are looking festive and we have been making Christmas trees to decorate them. We have also been practising our Christmas play. The tickets were issued today and we look forward to seeing you there, If your child has brought song words home please encourage them to practise to ensure an amazing performance! 

We hope you have lots of fun at the Christmas Fair! 
The Year One Team