Friday, 23 February 2018

Friday 23rd February

This week in maths we have continued learning about numbers and their place value within 50.  On Monday we compared two sets of objects using the words and symbols for more > and less <.

On Tuesday we compared two numbers using the words and symbols for more > and less <.

On Wednesday we ordered a range of numbers within 50. We used the words largest, smallest, biggest, greatest and least to explain how we had ordered the numbers.

On Friday we used all our learning about place value to do an investigation.  We had to find pairs of numbers that had the same two digits but their values were different eg 13 and 31.  We then had to order the two numbers.  Some of us worked randomly whilst a few tried to use a logical system. Some of us saw a pattern appearing.

Home learning for this week will help consolidate your child’s understanding of place value.
Follow the links to play
Shark numbers 0-59 – sticks and bricks
Arrow cards -

This week in English we have been making muffins for our Fair Trade Café! On Monday we thought about all the instructions we see around school, such as pushing the door open, turning off the taps and turning off lights as we leave a room.  We noticed that they all have a verb, or a word that tells us what we need to do. We then looked at the instructions, for the muffins that we were going to make for the Fair Trade Café. Unfortunately, they were all jumbled up! We worked in groups to put them in the correct order. 

They did not make sense so we realised that another feature of instructions is that they have to be in the correct order. We made a list of features of instructions to help us when we write our own instructions:

The next day we made our muffins and had lots of fun! We made sure we washed our hands with soap before we started cooking as we will be selling them at our café.

The next day we worked in pairs and used our experience to write instructions for making muffins. We tried to remember that we needed include:
Title – How to make….
Numbered order
New line for each new instruction
Brief and to the point
All writing: Capital letters, finger spaces, full stops
Use phoneme fingers to help spell unknown words
Possibly use joining word 'and'
Use describing words eg metal fork
Check it makes sense to the reader

Today we have been making posters for our Fair Trade café. We thought about what we needed to include. Ask your child if they can remember and have a look at some of our posters to see if we remembered everything. Maybe your child would like to make a poster for something else during the weekend? 

Please remember that you can still send in entries for the Fair Trade photo competition!

We hope that you have a lovely weekend,

The Year One team